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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tazman, Feb 5, 2002.

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    I just bought a 7x14 enclosed Wells Fargo trailer and am curious how other people set things up in them. Like tie downs, shelving, work area, misc., etc. I see alot of pictures of the out side of trailers, but not much of the inside. Just trying to come up with the most useful way of hauling things in it. If you have pictures go ahead an attach them. In advance, thanks for any responses to this subject.
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    http://www.stslawncare.com/STS Lawn Care MDB Landscaping3.htm

    heres a pic of my 8 by 14 cargo pro. i had a pic of the inside but must have deleted it. its stored at a friends house for winter, so i cant take a pic, but ill tell you what i have. on the inside, i have all green touch industries racks. on the left side is my back pack blower rack and 2 place trimmer rack. on the right side, i have the hand tool rack carrier and a tie down rack for extra tie downs. i have 6 circular tie down spots drilled in the corners. i have a permit carrier, so if im towing with a different truck, the permit is with the trailer. i also screwed a few milk crates to the floor that holds miscellaneous tools, rags etc. i also have a crate screwed in that holds my gas cans. works pretty good for now, but i think in the future i may have to carry more and re accessorize.
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    I'm going to have to use three posts to show you mine, I hope you don't mind. Also, it's changed a little. I shift things around to find a better way all the time. The Little Wonder now sits by the side door (other side of the trailer), in front of the BR400. The spreader is hung from the roof/left wall. The trim mower sits beside the Tiger Cub, which is now bagger-less, and there is a 36" WB in front of the Cub.

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    #3 and final.


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    DOnt have a pic of the inside , but I use GRIDIRON rack s for the trimmers, blowers, etc.. also go to home depot or something like that and they have tons of brackets and hangers you can adapt to work for tons of tools.. even check out Rack'em racks.. Think they are made in NJ by Performance Trailers ??? But are well made and have a nice variety , I have a few of them too.. Nver have enough racks and hooks.. LOL.... alos they have these spring metal clips I use to hold rakes , etc.. that way I dont have to drop them into a tube, just snap them into place...

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