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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 2beast, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. 2beast

    2beast LawnSite Member
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    Thinking about an enclosed landscape trailer.

    Dedicated landscape crew that spends too much time every day loading and unloading tools, only to be short something when a situation arises.
    Not going to be hauling mowers.

    Loaded with all tools, fabric wheel barrows etc.
    Anything they may need.

    Room for a Dingo or small trencher on occasion as well.

    I have been searching the forum for ideas.
    Anything you can add would be helpful.


    GOATMAN GEORGE LawnSite Member
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    Enclosed isnt going to improve efficiency very much. Im a huge enclosed > open but if its efficiency thats #1 reason idk if you will b impressed.
  3. 2beast

    2beast LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    I have open trailers as well as pickups & dump trucks.

    It is the daily loading and unloading of tools and gathering whatever special things we may need that is eating up way too much time.

    I see this done every day and multiplied by 6 days a week it adds up to a lot of lost time.

    then there is the on occasion something forgotten or the surprise on the job site that requires something else (usually 20 miles away)

    Just trying to make things run more efficiently.

    On the outside it looks like just having everything ready to go should help.
  4. TruSomethingOrOther

    TruSomethingOrOther LawnSite Member
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    I wouldn't go anything smaller than 8.5 x 24 with seven foot ceiling. Plenty of room.
  5. LandFakers

    LandFakers LawnSite Fanatic
    from CT
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    8x20. Room for shelving and every tool you need X2 or even 3. You could fit a fleet of dingos in the there :laugh:
  6. HLH

    HLH LawnSite Member
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    Right now I'm running a 8.5x20 v nose. It seems to be working for me, but I have found that I have to have my mirrors all the way out and still my visibility is not that great when backing. Also make sure your axils can hold what ever you are hauling, a 3800 lb trailer with two 3500 lb axils gives you only 3200 lbs before your "over weight".
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  7. Jallal

    Jallal LawnSite Member
    from SoCal
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    If you're going enclosed, go with a trusted brand like Haulmark & make sure the frame is constructed of tube steel, it will make a huge difference in the daily stresses.
  8. greentech2007

    greentech2007 LawnSite Member
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    We have a 8.5 / 22 sharp v nose have basically ever tool you need on regular landscaping job. We just load materials for the job and take it there and leave it. Don't go to small we can put mini skid and serval attachment s in also. Also has two seven thousand pound axle s and had factory beef up back door. Before this trailer had an open trailer that was terrible had to load and unload tools all the time or put trailer inside for night and never could leave at job site. Oh one more thing support tube steel for the frame also what our trailer has to.
  9. 2beast

    2beast LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    Thanks for your input everyone.

    Just trying to figure out as many details as possible.
    Seems that we spend a huge amount of hours every year loading and unloading the exact same tools................:confused:
  10. Armsden&Son

    Armsden&Son LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just wanted to point something out.... Somebody said that they didn't think an enclosed would improve efficiency over an open.... This could be true, only if there is a garage or shop involved. If you have an inside space to park an open trailer, then you can just back her right in. If you don't have that space, everything has to come off the trailer and go inside for the night. (and the fact that you have a fence, or cameras, or dogs, shouldn't matter as thieves have been bypassing these things since the beginning of time) So, in that respect, a tool called bolt cutters does exist and I'm not saying enclosed trailers are impregnable. But it is a very good deterrent. The fact that weather becomes a non-issue and they are also rolling billboards for your company logo are just icing on the cake.

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