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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by keepoffthegrass, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. keepoffthegrass

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    from Ontario
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    Whats everyone using for a trimmer rack in there enclosed trailer? I need something better than the floor for this year and was looking for ideas. I have a welder but wouldnt mind buying a rack either. Pics would be awsome too.
  2. RedWingsDet

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    from Detroit
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    I would think about just mounting 3 2x4s vertically on the walls and screwing in the bike holders. The racks to buy are way to expensive for me to justify it. Just not worth spending 100's of dollars for some damn racks that hold 2 cycle equipment. Now if it was 4 cycle and couldnt be turned 360degreese it'd be different.
  3. beano

    beano LawnSite Senior Member
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    I built one out of stainless steel. I used 1 inch tubing about 2 feet long going verticle for the posts then welded 5 inch long piece of 1 inch flat steel about an inch apart and drilled holes in it so i can put my trimmer through and drop a bolt down to hold it. Ill try to get pics this week
  4. briancom

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    These work for me, and keeps things upright

  5. Matt TrailerRacks.com

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    You should really check out our new Xtreme Series Trimmer Rack. It is the fastest rack to use on the market. It also totally eliminates rolling in the rack (Which leads to flooded engines, gas spillage, and shaft wear). We have given some away to a few members on this site and they have been very pleased with them.

    Here is a link:


    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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  6. Guzman Properties

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    This is what I use:

    PA080210 (Small) (WinCE).JPG
  7. packer101

    packer101 LawnSite Member
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    we use just general tool holders with some foam on them... the engine sits ontop of it and the shaft down along the wall where it just goes in between 2 more to keep it from swinging. it saves alot of room, and with it at the end of the trailer you can get to it even when the trailer has the mowers in it with out having to climb over.
  8. troblandscape

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    8.95 at lowes

    box 006.jpg
  9. Metro Lawn

    Metro Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    I use Rack'em.


    If I had anything that close to the floor, it would get crushed like the Lowes hooks.


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