Enclosed Trailer Vs. F250 with Landscape Bed

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BeastMowed, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. BeastMowed

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    Hey Guys,

    Let me first say that I have only had my lawn care biz for 2 years and man have I learned a lot! But one thing that I have struggled with is the right truck and trailer combo. In 2 years I have had an 8' open trailer, 12' open trailer, 16' open trailer , 16' cage trailer, Isuzu NPR and currently I run an 18' enclosed unit that I bought new in March pulled by a diesel F250. I really like keeping everything safe and dry but its awful hard on me at the diesel pump. I am considering selling my basically new enclosed trailer and getting a landscape bed put on my F250. It would be almost an even money swap if I sold the enclosed trailer and bought a WILCO bed new ($3500). Only bad thing is that the bed is only 8' long with a 30" dove tail. They said thats the biggest they can go on a SRW F250. It would only fit one ZTR and a push mower but honestly that's all I need anyway (2 man crew). I have been driving around town with 3 ZTR's in my enclosed but I hardly ever use even 2 at once. I think I could save $300 monthly in diesel alone. Think I should do it or am I being silly and stick with what I got? Alone another option is buy a used truck with landscape bed already on it but all the ones I see either get 8 MPG or are $20K. thanks for the opinions guys.
  2. sildoc

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    I am in your same boat, however I am looking for a 3rd rig. We have our large trailer with the z's on it for our big properties and a small trailer behind a flat bed for our small/ medium properties but with more small than medium I am thinking of doing a 1ton with a landscape bed for all of our small properties.
    Thinking a one ton truck with landscape bed and 2 toro turfmasters 1 36 hydro and 1 25bravo 2 blowers and 2 whackers other misc tools. Should be set for the small and even some of the medium properties. Tough decision when you need only one set up, really don't think there is a perfect set up unless you have a SLT!
  3. KS_Grasscutter

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    If I was going that route I'd definitely go with an Isuzu and like 16' bed. The small one would suck really bad in my opinion.
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  4. sildoc

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    In which I agree, but is more a cost issue. Can find good low mileage 1tons for around 15k but step up in a low milage isuzu and your looking at 30-35k. West coast is shy of Isuzu for landscaping and heavy in box trucks at a premium.
    Might fly to Georgia or Florida this winter to pick up a Isuzu landscape truck or maybe texas but for now we are stuck running what we have for now. Will use personal truck for time being as 3rd vehicle. Always looking for the most efficient vehicle for the job!!!
  5. caseysmowing

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    I think he said he has already done the NPR setup. I don't understand the difference really between doing a NPR or a 3/4 ton with a landscape bed. He did say he likes keeping stuff out of the weather and you won't get that with a landscape bed. I also can't see saving $300 on gas a month just by dropping the trailer. It takes a lot of miles to save that much. I consider 13 mpg very good on any v8 or diesel rig in this business. I would have stayed with the cabover if it was me. I don't suggest doing the landscape bed unless you don't plan on doing any large properties and have a garage to fit it in. Also think about how much weight is left to put on a 3/4 ton legally after you put a steel bed on it.
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  6. 32vld

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    This is why I can not understand why LCO's have to have trailers big enough to be a garage on wheels.

    Why bring a garage on wheels full of things you will not use?

    When I go to mow I just bring what I need to mow. Up sell work is done on day's when their is no mowing. Then I just bring what I would need to do the up sell work.
  7. nismothunder

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    Why would you put a land scaping bed on a 3/4ton (I'm guessing you mean a stake side?)

    8 mpg isn't that bad considering you shouldn't be driving said truck daily.
  8. BeastMowed

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    I am trying to be as efficient as possible is my reasoning behind the landscape bed. I don't need to pull around 3 ZTR 's all day everyday like I am currently doing. It looks cool and people may think I am some bid commercial outfit, but I'd rather have more money in the bank. I don't want to sell my truck bc I just put a $4000 transmission in it so I'm trying to figure out the MOST fuel efficient way to drag a 61" Turf Tiger around.
  9. BeastMowed

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    Here is a pic, $3500 is the price. Seems high to me but I am a cheap!

    landscaping bed.jpg
  10. slowleak1

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    Get a smaller trailer, this is a no brainer.

    I'm getting 15 mpg average with my 2000 f250 powerstroke pulling a 6x12 open trailer with both a hustler 36" ztr and my 61" cheetah plus trimmers, a walk behind and blowers in the bed.

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