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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Laner, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Laner

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    Wondering if anyone is running a skid sprayer in an enclosed trailer? If so, how do you have it setup? Would like some pics. Have been thinking about getting an open trailer to put the skid on as well as bags and PG so that everything is on one trailer and ready to go. But also thought that enclosed would be nice to keep PG and bags dry (in the event of rain) and out of sight.
  2. KES

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    I have a enclosed trailer, but do not use it for treatments. However, I did use it this pass summer to treat for a few days. I liked having the spreader where I could roll it up the ramp and it gave me more space. The only bad thing was spent more on gas, blocking driveways in garden home communities, and the fumes from the fertilizer corroded the metal inside my trailer.
    After a few days, I parked the trailer and work out of my truck. Around here I do see a few guys pulling skids on trailers, but they do not pull them when spreading fertilizer.

    I think you would find that you can work out of a truck safer and faster.

  3. Lbilawncare

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    I use an enclosed trailer for my PG, I modified the side door to be able to forklift a full pallet of fert in. I keep the skid sprayer in the truck (designated only for fertilizer) so that when I am doing residential weed control I don't have to pull a trailer. I use the skid to fill the PG and I also have a tank w/ pump in the trailer I fill with if I want to use a different truck.
  4. Laner

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    I was thinking of something like this open trailer of sterlings, but also think it would be great to be enclosed. How difficult would it be to get the engine exhaust to the outside and also keep the fumes from being too excessive in the trailer? Maybe have a door for the hose to pass thru with rollers on both sides to prevent the hose from being cut or stripped on the door frame.

  5. RigglePLC

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    Exhaust outside, maybe you would need a ventilation opening so that when going down the road a powerful stream of air would clear fumes out of trailer. Remember you have to fill the tank. And fill the gas tank. And change the oil. You might want to consider Lesco Eliminate herbicide. Almost no odor. I asked a customer to smell his newly treated lawn yesterday--she noticed no odor. I told her we paid more for odor-free weed killer. It is not much more, though. I would think the odor would be a problem in a van--like Scotts uses, and some other companies also.
  6. lawnangel1

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    If you plan on using the trailer long term it would be a good idea to spray the floors and half way up the wall with line x or rhino. Also you want as many vents as you can get. As stated above remember you will have to gas it up.
  7. lndscprrx

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    we have an 18' enclosed trailer we use for fert & squirt applications. It has a side door, and a ramp door in the back. From front to back, we have a 100 gal skid sprayer (mixed for wc through the permagreen), then a 275 gal tote (sometimes...sometimes we leave it out) with fresh water to refill the skid sprayer. However, sometimes we run wc at the rate to pull hose on small lawns, and just refill the PG with fresh water and wc concentrate. We stack bagged fert around and behind the water tote, then either a push spreader and a PG in the back by the ramp door (if 1 guy is going out solo) or 2 PGs (if 2 guys are going out). It works great for us. Everything stays dry if it rains, and it is all self contained, so no loading/unloading at the end of the day. Just hook up, refill in the morning, and go. At night, just unhook.
  8. Laner

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    You got any pics of this setup? Do you run the hose reel out the side door? What about guides around the door edges to prevent the hose from cuts/snags/etc.?
    I have been leaning toward a 16' open trailer with rear and side ramp gates. Put the skid over the front axle (balance the load) and either bags in front or behind the tank and PG opposite the bags. Also carry push spreaded and a couple hand cans of various chems. Would also have additional chem in storage boxes on trailer to mix as needed as well as clothing, boots, gloves, repair parts, gas and flags. May also put another small tank for clean water for filling PG if not filling PG from skid.
  9. lawnsbytim

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    I run my lawn care applications out of a 16' dual axle Cargomate enclosed trailer. I have a 200 gallon Lesco skid sprayer that lines up with the side door. I can have a pallet of fertilizer and a couple spreaders also. I should have sprayed the bed liner on first. I really like the capacity of the dual axle with the electric brakes. I have been running this rig for the past 5 years and I think is the cat's meow.
  10. Laner

    Laner LawnSite Senior Member
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    If anyone has pics of their setup post 'em here! I would love to see them. I am going to pull the trigger on a trailer of some sort for apps soon.

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