Enclosed trailer with Barn Doors


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Hey guys, I got an enclosed trailer but the only problem it has barn doors, would like to use it for landscaping this year. Whats my options for getting the equipment into/out of the trailer. I looked into switching the barn doors to a ramp door but thats expensive and will look bad I.M.O since there will be holes left in the trailer from the old brackets. Is there such thing as a permanent ramp you can fold out when you open the bard doors? Or am i better off purchasing the ramp door? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!Thanks, Nick


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Frederickburg VA
I have a trailer with barn doors. I purchased it this way on purpose. When I purchase items that are on pallets, the lift operator can put them in the trailer easier. My trailer is 20' long and they can load one pallet, push it in with the next one, and so on. I have had 6 pallets in one load. That said, I have a set of aluminum ramps that I stand up just inside the doors on either side of the trailer. They were about $250.00. They are rated to handle #2,500. I load and unload my John Deere 997 on them. Also, trailer uses a little less foot print than with the load door folding down.


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Have a look at a moving truck ,they have a ramp that sits under the box all the time ,and when you want to use it you pull it out and go .I would think it would be easy to fabricate something to suit your needs like that .
Also ,depending how your trailer is constructed ,you might be able to install a ramp inside hinged off the floor ,you would lose some floor space but that might not matter to you .
Finally ,a way might be to get two portable ramps ,and strap them to the inside of your doors for storage ,just remove them to use them .


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Ive got a 3/4 p.t. plywood that is almost the same size as the opening of my barn doors. Its on three heavy duty hinges bolted to the floor and have a thick rope at the end so I can pull down and pull up to close. Make sure your mower is near the end of trailer so the plywood has something to lean up against. HEAVY as sh#t though. I also made two wooded ramps on the plywood with that traction tape on the two pieces. Wish I didn't have the barn doors :hammerhead: