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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fel, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. fel

    fel LawnSite Member
    from Jax Fl
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    I am looking to buy an enclosed trailer but am not sure of what brand to get, I have been looking at the kodiak by Haulmark 7-18, is anyone familiar with these trailers??? Anyone recommend another brand??
  2. eshreve1234

    eshreve1234 LawnSite Member
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    Thats the trailer I run, except 7x16. No complaints so far, other than some of the trim around the ramp has come off from equipment hitting it. Make sure you get enough vents, they get real hot on the inside.
  3. Brianj

    Brianj LawnSite Member
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    go to C&S Trailer on beaver st and get a cherokee, tell them i sent, they will take good care of you,not only is cherokee a good trailer, but their service is great, i have a 20 footer, and love it,, what area of town you work in ?
  4. fel

    fel LawnSite Member
    from Jax Fl
    Messages: 34

    Thanks for the info, Brian, I work some around the airport and then out in the Yulee and Fernandina area, just been doing it part time for the last year but thinking of going full time soon. I will probably try to find a part time job in the am, and then work my bus after lunch until I pick up enough accounts to go full time, if you ever need a hand let me know...

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