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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JML, Feb 9, 2000.

  1. JML

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    I was just wondering what is one of the best enclosed trailers? thanks
  2. curlawngreen

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  3. AB Lawn Care

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    I have never owned a inclosed traler but here are some makers.<p>:Halmark<br>I could not find a number or address.<p><br>:U.S Cargo<br>2211 W. Wilden Ave.<br>Goshen, IN 46525<br>(219)534-9906<p>:Wells Cargo<br>They have alot of dealers so I will give you their toll-free number:1-800-348-7553<p>:United Expressline Transporters<br>19985 CR 8 Bristol, IN 46507<p>I have brouchures on these companys trailers and by looking at the brochures I like Wells Cargo the best the have hundreds of trailers to choose from.Give them a call and ask for a brochure.<p>I hope this helped you out!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
  4. mountain man

    mountain man LawnSite Member
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    I bought a Pace last year and have been very happy with it. The big question in my opinion is what your goal for the trailer is. I feel that for maintenance I have gotten more value out of my open trailers, but before I had a shop and had little equipment it was nice to have everything in one place that could be locked up.
  5. Lazer

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    We've owned Hallmark and Doolittle. Satisfied with both. I think I'd recommend Hallmark because they're more popular. Wells Cargo has more options for landscapers, though.
  6. ashlandscaping

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    Here in Chicago area Wells Cargo is the most common one used I have 2 wells and one hallmark. Both are great trailers. If I was going to go buy a new one right now I would buy a Hallmark just for the reason being its cheaper by $ 1000 then Wells Cargo. Frames are the same biult mostly the same just Wells has more of a name here then Hallmark. I know at least 4 guys who use Hallmarks and have only good things to say. It all depends on area and what your needs are. Heck Hallmark might be higher where you are.
  7. HOMER

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    While we're on the subject, approximately how much would a 20' enclosed cost, and how much would it weigh? How wide are they inside to inside and how well does the ramp hold up. I don't know anybody that has one so I can't ask.<p>Homer
  8. mountain man

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    I paid $3200 for my 12' enclosed Pace a year ago. It is only a single axle. A 20' will need dual axle and brakes which will add considerably to the price. It would probably need channel vs angle iron which adds additional weight and cost. You would also need to consider if you have the right truck to pull a loaded trailer of that size. Another big problem I forsee is the hassle of driving a big trailer in the city and in tight neighborhoods.
  9. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Homer,<br>Our most recent Hallmark was 18' tandem, double axle brakes. Nice ramp door. PLYWOOD floor, not 2x6 like you need for larger riders. .024 aluminum sides, which wrinkle a little more than our .030 20' one.<p>Anyway it was $3895.00.
  10. fireball

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    I think I have owned them all. There is no best trailer just like there is no best truck. Once you buy one, then suddenly the hindsight takes over, if I had only bought an extra two feet longer I coulda really made money. You have to analyse how you want to arrange your equipment on the trailer. always have a side entrance door because what you need will always be in front of the trailer. we always allow the first four feet of the trailer to be storage bins, worktable, generator, refrigrator, and personal clothes storage. the real advantage to the enclosed trailer is that you can drop it onsite and that crew can work there without a truck. the truck and the foreman can then go back and get another crew and take them to another site. its possible to run four crews with one truck. it makes for a long day for the foreman. each trailer has a cell phone for emergency calls. I suggest that you go to a regional large car show (we have Carlile in PA)and you will see every enclosed trailer known to mankind. Talk to the owners and find out all the plus and minus of each trailer. Pay attention to the small things such as square doors and how hinges are attached or how Lazer replied about wrinkles on the skins. keep in mind that you will use the trailer more in one day then some of these car shows use in a whole year. Ramp doors on a whole have been trouble free but remember picking up an eight foot door 15 times a day becomes a real chore. everyone attempts to solve the problem by using all different contraptions to raise the doors and then the problems start to develop. always pay attention to tire size and brakes. Mobile home axels with non standard brake shoes will cause you headaches every time. those DOT roadside inspections will kill you. And those 6x23.50 tires that looked so beefy when you bought the trailer don't do you any good when you have two blowouts at 9pm at night and the only tire dealer that stocks that tire is 800 miles away. Stick to 15 inch tires. Haulmark and Pace are probably the best trailers for the buck. Classic and Tuflite are better but cost a lot more. Always consider maintenance when buying trailers

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