Enclosed trailers, v-nose or not

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mummert's Mowing, Mar 13, 2008.

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    when you say a 7x16 enclosed trailer and and a 7x16 v-nose is the total length of the two trailers, from tongue to the very back, are they the same? Also does anyone know if one gets better mpg's than the other. I can't decide if I want a 7x14 v-nose, a regular 7x16, or a 7x16 v-nose.
    I will be hauling a exmark 50" lazer z hp with bagger, an exmark 48" turf tracer hp, two 21"inchers, and weed wackers, blowers, gas cans, ect... Thanks!
  2. 8307c4

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    I don't know much about the rest but for the mpg it will be similar because your trailer is really just drafting in your truck's aero wake anyhow, so the truck breaks most of the upfront wind resistance and all that is left is trailing flow, what happens in all of that is similar to the wake of a boat. The V might or might not get slightly better, but it won't improve your truck's aero flow and so most has to do with what flows over top and the sides... I would say if your truck has a cap on the back the flat front trailer is as likely to do better, the V might do better without a cap but I wouldn't count on either.

    If your truck bed is uncovered there is a strong down draft behind the cab, it's actually more pronounced towards the tailgate, all kinds of wind is pushing down back there, once it gets past the tailgate it's just so much more wake... So what would help in either case is a tonneau cover, I think with that the V might come out ahead but I have no figures to back this up.

    Point blank I would not compromise in terms of space or money unless you have some kind of solid figures, there's just no telling from my end of things. You're as likely to go wrong one way or the other speaking strictly in terms of mpg I'd hate to tell you one then it turns out what a bunch of bs, but for a best case semi-educated guess I would lean slightly towards the V.
  3. IA_James

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    Trailer size is determined by deck size. In almost all cases, a 7x16 would be 7x16 vs. 7x16+V nose. It's actually a little longer (2 ft. or so) than the comparable flat front. As far as mpg savings, it'll depend on how far and how fast you drive it. Just around town probably wouldn't be worth the trouble, unless you work outlying towns or intend to use it for other stuff through the year. Although, I do think H&H Trailer V-nose gooseneck 7x16 would look absolutely amazing behind my truck.:cool2:
  4. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I personally would go with the V-Nosed trailer. You could use the V part of it and put in shelves to store things on like handtools, etc.
  5. jsaunders

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    v- nose will cut through the air better. My flat front trailer sucks in a heavy wind, you can feel the wind holding you back.
    The 16' is measured back to front- the v is added space (length).
    I think the 14' would be to small for your needs- (2 -52"walk behinds would fill up my 14' trailer with only room for a 21" mower , nothing else)

  6. luckydooley

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    When I bought my 6x12 enclosed I looked at a v-nose. At the dealer I bought from a 6x12 v-nose the v was included in the length so a 6x12 v-nose was actually a 6x10 with a 2ft v nose at the front. So it was actually less space for more money. Be sure to check with your dealer that the v is not included in the length!

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