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Enclosed Trailers

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I am in the process of purchasing a new enclosed trailer. What do you recommend?

Do any of you use your enclosed trailers for work in the summer, then to haul snowmobiles in the winter?

I would like to get an aluminum in-line trailer to haul the sleds, but will this also work for the lawn equipment? The carrying capacity on the aluminum trailers are approx. 3,500 pounds, so this should not be an issue. My concern is the ramp may be too steep for lawn equipment. I am going to visit some dealers this week.

Are most of your enclosed trailers steel? Do you see benefits of a steel cargo trailer versus an aluminum cargo/snowmobile trailer?

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I use a haulmark, it's aluminum it works great for the equip. and I would think it would work great for sleds also. We haven't been gettin' enough snow to push around here the last couple yrs. let alone to have fun in it. Good luck with whatever you choose. Ron
thats what this does. 25' v-nose, got it in St. Johns, mi. At Becks

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I run an enclosed all aluminum v-nose snowmobile trailer for the landscape business. It is also the in-line model. Sounds like I use the same unit you are considering. I feel it is one of the best investments I have made. The steel framed units start rusting in the first year with the salt they use on the roads in NY.

During winter I can get 3 sleds in the trailer and have a little spare room for gear and gas cans.

Summer time a 48" SCAG WB, 60" Hustler Super Z, 52" Hustler Super Mini Z, 21" push mower and handheld equipment.

Best two trailers I found were Renegade and Aluminum Trailer Company.

I use a Haulmark v-nose car hauler.
This way I can load mowers of any sort and it works great for sleds also....he he
Seriously, if you get the v-nose car hauler you will have a lower deck, and no problems with ramp angle.
I can get 4 full size mowers in this 28 ft trailer and still have more room.
I can get 4 or 5 sleds in this set up also, but it leaves no room for gear.
Shayne, when we going sledin ??

PJ's car hauler is a is probably a nice set up since is is most likely 8' on the inside (except for the wheel wells). I prefer the inline sled trailers as they are a little narrower so you can see around them better and make it a little easier in tight areas. I'm not sure if the Haulmark is all aluminum in the car hauler series. I sold a Haulmark 28' Elite II to buy my ATC 25' inline v-nose.

PJ - see you when the snow flies and the Hustlers are put up for a long winters nap.

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