Encore- good or bad?


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Shrewsbury Ma
Hey guys
Imlooking into some mowers(a 36 inch) for a summer bussiness. The budget is tight, but at the sametimeI dont want to buy junk. Ive been priceing mowers on line and have noticed a site where the Encore 36 inch is considerably cheaper than say exmark and toro. I do realizethat many ofyou are partialto exmark, from whati haveread. But i was curious as to if anyone has anyopinions onthese Encore's. thanks alot for your help
We use a 32in. Encore for small gated back yards,It is a good mower,I would not suggest on one for your primary mower,You need to get the best you can afford,or finance it,You have to have a quility machine to make money, I would recomend, Encore only as a back up mower, Even if it was brand new.