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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lakesidecutter, Jun 23, 2007.

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    I am looking at a used encore that I know nothing about. It is a 48" or 46" Encore Hydro with a Briggs 16 hp Vanguard Engine. It was made in 1996 and was used on a farm. It comes with a Sculley and only has one minor rub on the deck. This is incredibly clean however, it is still a 10 year old mower. No Idea on actual hrs due to it being traded in. I figure 500- 750 (guess). I have always used belt driven machines so I was wondering what to look for? Also a fair price. Also is there a control upgrade on this machine? Thanks guys.
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    I have a 98 encore 32 walk behind w/ a 12 horse briggs that I bought used and have never had any trouble. The mower is probably a 48" becuase I dont think encore has ever made a 46" mower.

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