Encore Mower flipped over

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by paulkcfd, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. paulkcfd

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    I was on a hill yesterday and flipped my 36" mower on its top. I see no damage but there was oil leaking out of my air filter chamber. I see no other damage. I decided to quit using it that day, it was my last lawn and I was almost done anyway. after soaking up the oil where it was leaking, and apparently it stopped leaking once it was righted I started it to get it on my trailer. It spit out blue smoke and ran rough until I got it on the trailer. I shut it off and I was wondering, is that just oil that got in the fuel or is this a more serious problem. Should I take it in to a shop and have them check it out. Thanks for any help. Paul
  2. mikemerritt

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    Other than a possible oil soaked air filter you are probably past any problems. Sometimes the cylinder will get so much oil the engine can't turn through and can even bend a rod if it rolls through just right. Check the air filter and the plug and just run it until the smoke clears up.

  3. greywynd

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    Don't forget, check the oil!! If too much drained out, you don't want to seize the engine!!

    I think I'd pull the plug and roll it over a few times to make sure there isn't a serious amount of oil in the cylinder before restarting.
  4. paulkcfd

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    Thanks for replying so quick. I assume you mean the spark plug right? I need to replace that anyway so I may just go ahead and do that now. Again thanks for your help. Paul
  5. paulkcfd

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    from Midwest
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    Grey, do you mean the spark plug, and by turn it over, just pull the rope start a few times?. Would that help clear out any other oil in there. Thanks again. Paul
  6. Restrorob

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    No, There isn't any other oil to worry about now since you have already cranked it up.He was referring to removing the plug and pulling the rope to prevent a hydro lock from a excessive amount of oil getting in the cylinder when it flipped.
    You should be good to go now.

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