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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Well, if I had a decent dealer and decent distribution in my area... at $6,000 for the 25/60... I would at least demo one to see what I thought of it. For the price, and what I know of them from looking, I'd at least want to try one.

    Have they ever gotten any accessories together for their units?
  2. Dnemo

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    They have several accessories available for the Extremes & Prowlers

    2 & 3 Bag Grass Catchers
    Mulch Kits
    Stripe Kits
    Rops Systems
    Deluxe seat for Extreme, Standard on Prowler

    Thanks, for the reply.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    I don't believe a mulch kit was something they had for them when I saw them a few years ago at the GIE. But I got to meet the legend himself (Dick) which was cool and also got to register for a free mower I didn't win... LOL.

    But anyways, yeah... I found the Extreme to be OK looking (couple of odd things on it) and I really liked the Prowler Mid-Cut best... but I too found it to be too pricey.

    There's one thing I forgot to ask... did you catch the deal about their blades?
    What's the deal with the "cut on radius" thing?
    What's that mean if you know?
  4. Turf Cutters

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    I have two of the walk behinds. I have had very little problems with them. Both are thirteen years old. The cut is not bad. Very easy to work on.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    At least a coupe of guys here have Prowlers...

    And I know at least one has an Extreme...

    And someone else did a review on the Extreme for Turf...

    Where are these people at?
  6. supercuts

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    i have a friend who has one, i believe they are cheaper made exmark. i thought that front articulating deck seemed like too many parts to wear out and wouldnt handle the abuse. my thought is and will be, go with the brand of a dealer who will take care of you when it breaks.

    im spending alot more for bobcats at $9800 for my preditor pro i just bought with the 33hp briggs, i could have got it for $2500 cheaper on ebay. i stick with my dealer because when it breaks, he drops what he is doing and fixes my machines first. that is worth every penny of the $2500 difference. find a good dealer and stick with him, not a brand.
  7. Dnemo

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    I did read the statement about the radius edge on the blades. From what I gather Encore does this so the blade will not shorten after sharpening. I have put in a call to my distributer for clarification on this though. Good test to see how long it takes them to get back to me and how much they know about ther product. I have read most of the forum's here and elsewhere about the Encore products. Most people have nothing but good things to say about them, very few negatives. It's funning they don't have a bigger following. They appear to be well built, they use the same components and have most of the same features as everyone else. We are leaning towards picking the line up at this point. The distributer did agree to leave an 52" Extreme and a 48" Pro-Gear Walkbehind with us for a few weeks so we can gather some more feedback on the products. That is a good sign they seem to be willing to work with us. Thanks for your reply's.
  8. Dnemo

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    Daricek Landscaping:
    I assume you are saying they are cheaper built than Exmark and not built by Exmark, because they are not built by Exmark. I don't even think they are cheaper built than Exmark. I am a Mechanic and have been working on all kinds of equipment for close to 20 years now. Equipment including overhead cranes, welders, generators, steam turbines, shipboard diesels, all kinds of steel processing equipment. Bascially I have had my hands in all kinds of equipment in than 20 year span and have learned a lot about machinery.

    This is the way I like to break it down.
    Design: How user friendly is it and is it designed to last.
    Components: This also follows up design for a reason. You can have the best design in the world, but if you use sub-standard it will not be a quality machine.
    Mfg/Distributer/Dealer Support: Dealer support being the most important, but you need to know that the mfg backs up there product if you have a serious problem.

    So if you look at a machines design and you like it and it seems to be built well then it probably is, if you know what you are looking at that is.
    Then look at all the components that make up the machine, pumps, wheel motors, spindles, controls, engine, moving parts, deck construction, frame construction etc., not in any particular order. If you sit down and really look, most of the commercial ztr makers use the same pumps and wheel motors, some of the pumps use different cc ratings, but most are 10 0r 12cc. There are basically two types of spindles, Cast iron or cast aluminum, in my personal opinion cast iron is better. Tappered or roller bearings, again in my opionion tappered roller bearings are better. Finally, greasable or sealed bearings. In my opinion greaseable is better, assuming they are maintained properly. Next take a look at the decks, they all pretty much use 10ga and 7ga, most reinforce the front edge, some even more. Then look at the frame, in truth some are built heavier than others, but most I have seen are more than heavy enough. Basically what I'm saying is most mfg's use the same or very similar components. I do understand that there are other factors than come into play with most people, but those are different for everyone. Fit and finish are important to some people, how the machine looks to others, cut quality to almost everyone. I just realized I have rambled on here so I make it quick. I think to many people are paying way to much money for products just because of who makes them and what I refer to as the everyone else has one so they must be good syndrome. We try to sell brands that we believe will give the guy who cuts commercially at least 4 years of as trouble free service as possible, that is assuming they take care of it, and at a reasonable price. We don't believe you should have to spend $9000+ for that type of machine. Bascially, what we are saying is are your really getting more for the extra $1-2-3,000 your are spending. If you are is it enough to justify the extra expense, probably not. There are a lot of quality lower price Ztr's out there that will do the job as good as the more expensive machines. One more thought for you, as you ever thought, maybe the machines all cost about the same, but are some market up more than others? I believe you will find this to be true.
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    This is the most intelligent post about this subject yet!!!! Did you notice all the know it all lco's haven't made a comment!!!! HMMMM:confused::laugh::laughing::clapping::blob2:
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    you mean 33 hp generac?? if they putting big block briggs van guards, cool!! just didnt know this...

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