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Looking over past threads concerning Encore equipment, they really took a beating from everybody. I've personally heard lawn professionals swear by every brand out there, but I want some solid evidence of good brands and low-cost maintance mowers. What do you all think about? The new Encore Prowler has one of the best articulating decks and has a driveshaft driving the blades for a better power transfer. The stance of the mower is very wide and the frame durable. This year, they have a 2 year parts and labor warranty (both for two full years). The owner and founder of Encore co-founded Exmark back in 1982 and was involved in engineering Kees' first commercial mower. I can get one for $7000, but I'm not sure about it. I could use your advice.


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There is very little difference between the mowers available on the market today. All of the main components ie. wheels, tires, wheel motors, hydro pumps, engines, seats, etc is the same on all mowers. There are a few cosmetic and design differences in the frame or whatever BUT the main difference between all of the mowers available on the market today and an Encore is the deck.

All of the other brands uses the conventional type chain suspended floating deck while Encore has the tractor type pivoting front axle and the articulating deck. That's the key difference.

The quality of cut is no different than on any other brand available on the market today. With the articulating floating deck I mowed as low as 1.75" without scalping or any signs of scalps even over rolling surfaces. I mow diagonally through a moderate ditch without scalping - all four wheels maintain contact. (Go lenght wise up and down the ditch first and then diagonally to line up my stripes)

A 61" Encore Prowler for $7000 is a steal. I buy value for money and quality of cut, price, quality of product and after sales service is what I have in my Encore Prowler (52" 23hp Kawasaki)

Good Luck


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I can only testify to the 32" belt drive encore mower. It was the first walkbehind mower I bought and it made me a ton of money. Maintenance has been next to nothing. We take care of our equipment and it takes care of us. I have recently switched to exmark mowers(belt drives) but it was after many hours of research. Only one dealer in my area carries encore and it is a bit of a drive. The encore is still on my trailer and it is used at least two hours every day. Just my two cents.

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