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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sanford, Jan 17, 2001.

  1. sanford

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    I currently have a 32" encore walk behind for my residential customers. Has anyone used the bigger encore machines and if so what was your opinion. I would like to stay with the same manufacturer to make my life easier. I was also curious if some of the more established businesses would mind talking about the maintenance aspects of the equipment and schedules that seem to work well. Thanks
  2. 65hoss

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  3. jordanlawnsrvc

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    I have an Encore Z48. I'll never even look at another Encore product again. Dealer and distributor support is almost non existent. Encore never wrote back after emailing inquiry for tech problem. Try this: be real specific, and ask this dealer what parts he has on hand right now for Encore ZTRs. Expect spindles to go bad prematurely and have to wait weeks or more for parts and then they're the wrong ones. Brakes won't stay adjusted either. ETC ETC ETC. The only good thing I can say about it is that it does cut good with Scag high lift blades. Nada. No way. Never again. Buy yourself a real, genuine commercial name brand mower from a trusted dealer who knows what he's selling and servicing. I laugh everytime I throw Encore's "$100 off a prowler" flier in the trash. My 2 cents. You get what you pay for. Check the posts 65hoss pointed out and there are others too. Good luck.
  4. Mark

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    Wow i sure didn't know they were that bad. I don't use one but i do see alot of them in town.
  5. Mitchell L Evans

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    I started with a encore Z-48 trash just awful you can exspect spindal trouble and starter trouble.I spent 300 replacing spindals because they come with those cheap ball bearings rather than tapered roller bearings although I put 2200hrs on it before I sold it it's still not any good.My advice to you would be buy a scag or ex-mark or dixiechopper .I hope this helps GOOD LUCK.
  6. Lawnworks

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    I would not recomend the encore mower, but I had a Z48 and it served me problem free for 400hrs(it's for sale now). I bought mine because I got it for a great price. I now have a 60" Flatlander and the cut and productivity blows the encore away. I would reccomend getting an Exmark or Chopper.

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