Encore Prowler ZTR ?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landscaper3, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. landscaper3

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    I the latest issue of Pro magazine I seen a add for Encore Prowler ZTR, 61" cut 25hp for $7599.00 after a little very little research found to have 19000 fpm blade tip speed same as the Dixies! Does anyone have owned one or know the background on this machine? They seem too be around $2,000.00 less then most ZTR's of the same size and would use it on ball fields or large yards. Thanks!!!!
  2. 65hoss

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    If they have the blade tip speed up to 19,000 fpm it would be a huge change for encore. I've never seen any encore with any blade tip speed worth talking about.

    Don't save $2000 bucks now to end up with trouble. I've had bad experiences with encore mowers.
  3. CO.d 502nd

    CO.d 502nd Banned
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    Of all the biz decisons we made buying a encore and toro zmasters was the worse.

    I agree with what HOSS said completely.
  4. steve122

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    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!! I made that mistake about 3 years ago, used the mower two weeks and took it back to the dealer I bought it from and he wouldn't trade it back for a Grasshopper or any other mower. It is a $7000 boat anchor. We use it in the fall for leaves, having cut up the deck to mount a grass cathcer we bought used. It is uncomfortable, slow, and couldn't cut grass worth a damn, even with new blades. No one in this area will even talk trade. I had one dealer offer me 2500 in trade on a Dixie when it was less than 2 months old and he said he'd ship it out of the area to try to sell it. 22hp is not enough hp to run the 61" deck, and the deck from 3 years ago, I don't know what to say, even the dealer couldn't get it to cut decent on grass that had been cut 7 days earlier.
  5. landscaper3

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    We run Toro Zmasters Like the Exmark ZTR! And also are big on Walker mowers have 3 due too 80% of properties must be bagged! We picked up a few 3-4 acre lawns and were looking into the Hustler SuperZ 60" at $8600 with Honda 24hp or $9000 for the 27HP also were looking in Grasshoppers ZTR. I used a 2002 Exmark for 2 weeks and didnt see a difference between that and our Toro ZTR's and thought both sucked on hills and was not gonna buy another one of those brands and were just out looking to add another ZTR! We also looked at Dixie but the ones around here were plagued with problems (not known) I would like something with speed along with blade tip speed. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!!!
  6. Grass Master

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    If you have a Great Dane dealer in your area try the new Chariot riders...they are awesome and will cut with anything out there!!

    The new stuff is completely redone and built in John Deere's Turf Care facility (very high quality control standards)

    You can save yourself a bunch of money and get an awesome machine!!

    I paid $7399 for a 61" 25 HP Kawi unit last month!!
  7. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Not to be rude or anything, but most of you know that I have a 92 (I think) Encore Pro Line. I've taken really good care of it so far (it was all I could aford at the time and I really needed it right then). But just so I know, what were the things that "went" on your Encore machines?
  8. Chad@LebanonTurf

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    Had a new Encore ZTR for about two years, three years ago. THe thing was a lemon and never dispersed the clippings good enough. Had the frame crack, hoses break, you name it and it broke. THe manufacturer did warranty most of it, but as soon as it was fixed I sold it for $3000 and bought a new Exmark w/ the EFI, then a Toro Z Master EFI, and now a Hustler Super Z.

    GO with either an Exmark or Hustler. Both are dynamite machines, but I would have to say Hustler has the advantage right now with all of their features and benefits!

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