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    Through June 30th, 2006……ENCORE is offering a ‘0% for 36 MONTHS’ on the YARD CARD and YARD CARD PLUS for both Commercial and Consumer Accounts! The minimum dollar amount eligible for this plan is $4000 and is centered on 36 equal payments. This minimum qualifies our Z Series, X-TREME Series, and our PROWLER Series.

    As we have always said about ENCORE’s retail financing packages…., if there is a plan out there that makes it easier for you to get the performance, quality, and durability that you want in your mowing equipment….ENCORE’s got it ALL!

    On behalf of the Personnel, Distributors, and Dealers of ENCORE, we are proud to be able to offer this plan because we know it will be of great benefit to you!

    For more information, please go to www.seriousred.com where you can find more information on our incredible equipment, more information on all of our retail financing plans, locate the dealer next to you, or fill out a contact form so that we can get our representatives to give you a call!

    Here’s to ENCORE helping to make your spring a great one!


    Douglas R. Tegtmeier


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