Encore Vs Fastrak

Steve Gooch

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My wife & I purchased 3.5 acres with a gradual slope and lots of trees.
I will be having the land professionally cleared of some saplings and unwanted cedar trees.
I plan on purchasing a ZTR and really like the features on the Encore Z Series (Kawasaki) and the Hustler Fastrak (Honda).
Just wanted opinions from some pros on these two ZTR mowers?


Pix of land at this link



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I have run both a Encore z series and fastrac- (also sell both)The fastrac is much more stable on hills . Also ,because of its low center of gravity the fastrac even feels more stable. The fastrac is much smother to handle and steer.The quailty of cut is very much the came. the fastrac has a welded frame not bolted.The honda power plant is a great power plant.My vote as dealer that sells both is the fastrac. The only con would be the encore has the commercial hydro pumps.:cool:


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I agree with the points in the post above, and I would like to add this.....
Take a look at the Hustler Mini Z.
For the slopes and terrain I see in your pictures I would want the better hydro system.
The Mini Z will give you the same compact size and great slope performance.
You will also get the best warranty in the industry, lifetime frame, lifetime leading edge of the deck, lifetime hoses and fittings against leaks, 3 year mower spindle, and a 2 year machine warranty.
You should also be able to get a great price on the unit.


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