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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heygrassman, Jan 5, 2002.

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    I am new to the site and would like to thank any and all in advance for input.

    Like Nelson, I too am looking to enter the business. I am weighing the original purchase of some equipment. The mowers I am torn between are a '97 48" Scag walk behind Beltdrive(homeowner used) and '01 48" Encore walk behind Beltdrive with a 17hp Kawi out of the box.

    Knowing that as the business takes off, I will most likely move to an Exmark ZTR or Scag. Any thoughts on the Encore Line?

    Again TIA.

  2. We owned a 36 encore and the cut on our's wasnt that good and also it seemed to not be built heavy duty like a scag or exmark.Id look for a used exmark or gravely instead of a encore or scag
  3. geogunn

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    I've seen a bunch of encores and I think I'd start higher than that line.

    the skag sounds good but you didn't give the price.

    there are many, many options to your problem. keep looking.

  4. 65hoss

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  5. 65hoss

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    Let me go on to say, I wouldn't have either. Go get the eXmark so you don't need to buy the same size equipment twice.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Down here we use encore and so does just about everyone useing a walk-behind. The mower deck construction is the same as scag plus it uses a manual blade clutch instead of electric! As far as quality of cut I have heard of no one in this area complain about the cut of any encore walk. As far as there rider I only now of just a few in use and they seem like a decent mower.
  7. edward hedrick

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    Hello Geogunn, If the price is close the scag, what engine on
    Scag? If not 17, nod to Encore. If Encore is new with warrenty
    then Encore. Another choice 52 Lesco w 17 Kawi. About 2900?
    Is the Scag a standard or an Advantage deck? Ed
  8. geogunn

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    hi ed--

    my personal thinking on pricing is that the skag should be considered for it's used/devalued condition as lonf as it is what it's supposed to be. a seldom run homeowner unit compared to a commercial unit. and a 17hp or so motor beats a 14.

    for the encore, I have never run an encore but as I compare the number of stamped parts vs. cast parts on my lesco I think my lesco is a better value.

    I'm not slamming encore, I am just certain that there are better units out there (for more money, understandably).

    as for a used skag vs. a new wncore, comparable money, I say again, keep looking. neither are valued properly for comparison IMO.

    and ed--no way am I gonna pay nearly 3K for what I assume is a lesco 52 belt with the 17 kaw. for $400 you can get the hydro!


    and for those who wonder where I am coming from, I run an older lesco 48 belt with the 14 kaw. it's been tough as nails and when the motor is shot, I'll probably remotor. I would like a mid or front mount rider though one of these days.

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