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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Master of the Lawn, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Master of the Lawn

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    Anyone out there have a Z34? I bought one last year, and love it! You can't cut yards with a slope, but all others are game.The only trouble i have is training someone to use it RIGHT!!! It cuts clean and fast. My guys don't tire out,we can go as long the trimmer man can hold out. I know alot of you guys dont like Encores, but mine has made me Money. The Kawi engine is as tough as nails (change oil and filters) hopefully it will last. "Do one Thing Do it Well":)
  2. lawnman_scott

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    I am looking into it for next year, how much did you pay for it?
  3. energy

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    i was looking into one too until i started messing with the Stander. They cost about the same price. I have not seen a machine built more solid than my Stander. I just disassembled my deck to repaint it and man it is HEAVY DUTY! I wish i had a demo to try of the Encore though. Keep us posted on the quality and reliability.
  4. greensideup

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    I bought one 2 years ago and it was a complete nightmare. It was in the shop (under warranty thankfully) more than it was used. I sold it with under 100 hors on it for a little more than half what i paid for it. I had to get rid of it before the warranty ran out. The kawi motor was the ONLY good thing about it. Maybe i got a lemon, but I'll wait until exmark comes out with a 36" rider. Until them I'll stick with toro hydro WB. SCOTT
  5. GrassBustersLawn

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    My Z-34 CUTS GREAT. However, if there is any kind of hill, from ant hill on up it won't handle it. Overall poor traction, even in damp yards. I bought a new set of wheels/tires for back wheels that are an inch wider, that helped some. Also, the gas line is poorly placed/engineered and it pulls out of the tank if you get near a bush. Works great if customer has a 36" gate and a flat, dry back yard!

    I demoed GRAVELY'S version of the Z-34 at Louisville OPEI this fall. It is head and shoulders above the Encore in speed and manueverability.

    I'll hang on to it until Exmark comes out with one!

  6. OP
    Master of the Lawn

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    My local Encore dealer let me demo one for 1 WEEK. I did'nt want to take it back. This machine cut 5-7 minutes OFF of every yard it makes time. If I remember right i paid $4600 for it 1/2 cash 1/2 financed, to build credit. As with any ZTR you need to know which yards you can cut with it. Also it fits thru ALL of the gates that i have encounterd.

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