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    Ok, what is the deal with these encore mowers. They have a zero turn radius mower that is 34 ". That would work great for me because i do a lot of maintenance and that would fit through all the gates. Does anyone know about the qaulity of these machines (ENCORE). Thanks :confused:
  2. I can tell you only about the 36in walkbehind we had and the best word to describe it is JUNK
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    I own one. Do a search and you can see what I think about them. :mad:

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    We have a ENCORE -32" 12.5 h.p. belt drive for gated yards, A lot of guys dont like ENCORE ,but this mower has saved time for us, it bags good and mulches leafes in the fall,as far as repairs ? nothing in two years .
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    I bought an encore 34" last spring. It was a demo model with 18 hrs on it. I gave $3,700 for it. I think that was a really great deal.

    I'm not starting my bussiness until this spring, but of course I have been playing with it every chance I get. I think it is very comfortable, and easy to move around. Its got plenty of power. It looks to be well built,,, guess time will tell.

    I also have a john deer 3 wheel front deck ztr 54", it really moves the grass, but isn't as fun to drive as the encore.

    Might make me some side wheely bars for the hills :) One thing is for sure, aside from steep hills, I'll only have to trim up with the weed eater. It cuts so close to edges, no need for push mowers.

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