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  1. land_scaper70

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    I have been running Exmark for the last 8 years, and love them, not one break down, just jinxed myself, Meto 48 and 2 years ago Lazer HP 52". I have the opportunity to buy a Encore 48" belt drive, have never heard of this brand of mower. I looks well built with all welded deck disign, everything about it seems solid, 15 horse Kawi and it is only a year old, they are selling it for b/w $2000 and $2500. Well...........?
  2. davidcalhoun

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    They have been in business just a few years shorter than Exmark. One of the guys left Exmark (Dick Tegtmeier) started Encore almost 20 years ago.

    They are solid machines with a tried and proven design.

    If there is a downside, it is just what you said. The name Encore is not as familar as some as the others. Therfore the resale price might be a little lower when the time comes to sell/trade it.

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    Buy it.......good solid mowers. I have been the same exact mower for 10 years. As a kid my boss had one. When I decided to give this a go myself it was my first commercial mower becuase I trusted it....simple and proven. Great value.

    Throw some super high-lift blades on it, cuts real nice. Is not the best bagger but the super high lifts suck it all up. But the extra lift will give a little deck blow out. Other than that, no complaints for a 15hp belt drive.
    For 2k you are making a solid purchase
  4. jeepwrite

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    We've got the exact one I think you looked at. It has a great warranty and honestly, it cuts pretty darn well. Only issue I have is the hand controls- I've used "Bigger" name-brand machines and their controls are much easier on the hands. After a while it gets a bit annoying:dizzy:

    But other than that, great mower, great value, great cut. If you're cutting under 40 hours a week I'd say get it.

    SMALLTIME22 LawnSite Member
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    You are paying for a pistol grip belt drive.....so yeah it does get rough on the hands but ino more than any other pistol grip belt drive.

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    I run Encore too. Good, solid machine. Always a nice cut and stripes awesome with no kit.

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