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Encore just emailed me about their 2004 lineup. I've never used Encore. I'm strictly an Exmark fan. Who uses Encore and how do you like them? There is a big time guy here where I do business and he uses Encore and nothing else. He's swears by these mowers and his work clearly shows that they leave a really nice cut.

Encore's new exclusive side-to-side articulating suspension has a floating deck that follows the terrain with the front wheels but separate from the mower chasis, making this the only mid mount in the industry with front wheels that will maintain ground contact over rough terrain. This rough, bouncy ride, no scalping, better traction and stability, better cut! This suspension smooths out the ride so you can cut faster and ride easier.

The Prowler's 24" Super Turf drive tires and extra-wide front wheels are the largest in the industry. Combined with a low center of gravity and wide drive tire stance you'll get unmatched stability on wet grass and hillsides.

So, what do you guys think? It's still doesn't say Exmark. :nono:


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I use an Encore Prowler 52" with 23 hp Kawasaki. No problems.
I've added ±400 hrs just in the 2003 season and no breakdowns, mechanical failures, etc. I broke a throttle cable and had to do infield repairs. Still need to replace it with a new one. Encore manufacturing has a newer, better type replacement cable and they're going to replace it with that. I also had to replace the inner liner of the blower vac due to normal wear and tear.

The pivoting front axle with the articulating deck in my opinion is a true floating deck. I mow lawns where go diagonally through a moderate ditch without scalping it. I will mow along the inside of the ditch first and then go diagonally across it to get my stripes matched. All four wheels keep contact at all times.

Quality of cut is no different than any other machine on the market today. Combine ± 19000 rpm shaft drive blade tip speed, sharp blades, an operator that knows what he's doing and you have a perfectly manicured lawn.


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