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encounters of the third kind.....


LawnSite Senior Member
SE Michigan
Ok everyone.. post weird things which happen to you while you're mowing!

Today I had two "midly" weird things happen.
(1) I'm on my Z full speed mowing this yard as a ONE TIMER and an asian guy just walks onto the yard towards me. I don't stop mowing until I'm finished so I kept mowing AROUND him for about 2 more minutes. Once I was finished he wrote me a check and I left. Do they think you're supposed to stop for them?

(2) I'm mowing a large common area and a lady walks right into the middle of my stripes and lets her dog take a piss... i keep mowing right by her thinking she'll get off the grass once her dog is done.. well she decides to walk RIGHT ACROSS the grass infront of me WHILE IM MOWING


Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
Well 99% of people have no clue that mowers are dangerous to everyone, mostly the operator, lol. If someone comes out to PAY YOU you need to STOP and collect. Not that hard to start going again. Unless you get a chatty cathy that talks your ear off...
dog pee? what's to worry about? Ive had people walk up and let their dogs s*** on the lawn while I'm mowing it. On the contrary, I honestly wonder about these people and their little baggies on their hands to collect the nice warm poo from fido. I could not do that, no way...


LawnSite Fanatic
I guess I'll never forget one day after finishing up a strip mall, Walking around with A Black Trash bag Picking up odds and end trash. This woman Looked right at me and them threw down a dirty diper, "Yes #2 " She was changing her kid on the back seat of her car...

For 2 cents I would have rubbed that diper in her face.

Also, Once while finishing up a appartment complex, loading up and quiting for the day, These boys 3 in a pickup truck pulled up parked one got ont and went to knock on someones door, While the other two started trrowing out from the bed several empty beer cartons and numerious empty cans...

we picked them up then followed them, They went stright home and I Started throwing this trash on there lawn, When this kids dad came out and started yelling at me... I explaned the situwation and I never did see that kid again.....


LawnSite Silver Member
i have this one lawn where everytime we go to mow theres no one outside then BAM!!! the whole family goes out swimming. I mean full proof theyre all out there. It drives me crazy