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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Phishook, Feb 1, 2003.

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    I attended a Build-a-Pond day last fall in Indy. Loved it. Was ready to start doing them. But I lost the little thing in my stomach that said go for it, with the fall clean-ups, Christmas, and now plowing.

    What is the best time to introduce Ponds into your business? Spring I'm guessing.

    Where should I start? I'm hoping to get my parents to take one at my cost, so I can really see if this would work for me.

    What books, Video's, or any other helpfull info should I be looking at. Preferably from Aquascape, that is the system I'm wanting to go with.

  2. lx665

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    I bought the Pond Building Bible. It a good book, but lacks detail. I'm going to attend a pond building class put on by Aquascape. That should answer all my unanswered questions.

    For all you pond builders...are people willing to pay several thousand dollars for a back yard pond? What kind on numbers are we really talking? The promotional material makes it sound too good to be true.

  3. Phishook

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  4. pondman20

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    You are right on track with the Aquascape system. I too think the pond bible makes some of it look too easy.
    As far as adding them, how many do it now in your area? It is a rapidly growing trend and more and more companies are adding this service. Does your area support the income group that can afford one? We haven't built a pond under 6,000, but it depends on your local cost of materials (rock, soil)

    Yes, people will spend this kind of money. Have you heard of "cocooning"? More people are creating back yard getaways as vacations get more and more expensive and they just don't want to leave. But you have to target your market carefully or you just throw away your marketing dollars.

    See if your folks will let you build one and get a feel for it. You don't have to completly commit yourself if you just want to build one or two and see how it goes.

    Good luck and keep the faith....Pondman:cool:
  5. Awilkinson

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    I just attend the Aquascape class in Indy this past week. I really learned a lot. I have already started to advertise for it. I will be building my first one next month in my own yard so I can get some practice. I hope to go to bild a pound day if it is close this year. Any class they hold is worth attending!!!!:blob3:

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