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Dude.... WHAT?!?! lolololol AA batteries in the freezer lol!!!??? Are you just trying to confuse this old guy? j/k But I seriously never heard that.

Back in my hardcore fishing days, I was pretty anal about my boats and how they performed, as well as my gear. Most of my friends thought I needed help, and some even put therapists' cards in my mailbox I was so OCD and anal about their care. Back then I had the time and energy to do that. Not so much anymore....

When it came to the batteries, I just read and read and read. While I do not know the folks who turned me on to taking care of them the way I do, I trusted them based on my interactions with them over the many years on their respective sites (much like we all do on this site, I suppose).

In fact, just before I sold my last ChampioN, I was all set to pony up on the Lithiums for my TM (I was running heavier than usual because I had just hung a Verado on the back and they're quite heavy, and the lithiums are super light) until I did the math - and my Walmart batteries, cared for the way I'd been doing it, just seem to keep on kicking, ya know? I just couldn't get the numbers to give me the go ahead.

My current Cobalt 220 doesn't fish at all like my Lunds and ChampioN's did. In fact, it's pretty bad for fishing lol. But it's where my family is at right now. What felt like a sacrifice years ago, just feels right today. I can still put a few packs of perch in the freezer, along with the occasional walleye, here and there, to last me through the year out of my current rig - and that's good enough for me!!!

If you're ever in my area, we can soak some minnas, or drag some homemade harnesses, and kill some Busch lite Apples together - on me!!
Yep I've always heard store all your small batteries in the freezer. Granted this was when all AA C D 9v etc were alkaline. I'm sure things are different for the lithium ones. Whether or not this is actually a good idea or not, I can't say, however it does back up your position of batteries like the cold. Lol better run home and put some batteries in the freezer.

State of life has a lot to do with time availability. When I got my boat I was single.... plenty of time to tinker on the boat. I replaced the plywood floor, installed new carpet, tinkered with the motor constantly (full carb teardowns etc) ran new wiring addind12 volt accessories .... lol the list goes on and on.

These days being married with 3 small kids I can barely find time to go out and fish much less work on it!

Very much appreciate the offer to get together, I will keep it in mind, and let you know if I'm headed your way!


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What’s up with the before storage and after storage oil changes? Is following the listed hourly oil changing intervals not good enough?
I think as a general rule most folks are doing this either before OR after storing for the winter. Not so much both before and after.

The listed intervals is fine.


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I always try to get mine changed before but there have been some falls that have just kicked my butt and I put them away pretty much only blown off, and that’s it….. and then I do the rest of it in the spring.


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It is my belief thats its the change your oil annually mentality to a certain extent.

This is a great idea!

This idea requires dedication, some may or may not be organized or dedicated enough to actually do it. In this case then its a bad idea.

Also everyones storage situation is different. Access and or running equipment may not be feasible.
Seems any of the items in this thread require dedication. Change all the oil, pull the batteries, trickle charging over the winter and loosening the belts. But for sure, different storage situations can be limiting. I looked around for a storage unit that allows tinkering so I’m all set to fire em up. I also run expensive oil and want every last hour out of a change.
As I’ve grown this year I’ve acquired a small number of clients wanting year round service so at worst maybe the Deere will sit a month. Kinda funny actually, I’ve embarrassed myself twice with clients asking them if they want to go to call me if they need anything. The beauty salon was the worst, she was like “ huh, I need this business to always look perfect” my face almost turned red with embarrassment lol. “I will absolutely keep it sparkling mam” :hammerhead:


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Just scanning through a few posts and chiming in with my .02 quite late, I have a couple of opinions.
1. I never run my carbs dry. Here in NC, I don't have the issue of storing a mower for months on end. Although we have cold winter months well below freezing at times, I still mow my fescue yards once or twice from December to February on warmer days. But the equipment that does sit for months at a time such as my aerators, bed edger, and my one Honda push mower; they get a tank full of fuel treated with Stabil, run them for a couple of minutes so that fuel is in the carb, and then shut them down leaving Stabil fuel in the carb. The tank is filled to the top to reduce moisture. I have left aerators like that from November to the following September and they fire up within 2-3 pulls and run perfectly.
2. There is a guy with a great Youtube channel called "Project Farm". If I recall correctly, he did an oil analysis on oil changes greater than one year. His results showed no real degradation of the oil. I try my best to take care of my stuff so it will take care of me. But my bed edger with the Honda engine is probably close to 15 years old. I would guess I've changed the oil 3-4 times at the most. It still runs flawlessly and doesn't smoke or anything showing internal problems. I change my oil when the hours warrant it. Not when the calendar does.

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Here in southern climates we rarely stop using our mowers much longer than 3-4 weeks at a time during the winter. I use mine on leaf cleanups and other one time mow/ cleanups that inevitably trickle in during January-February. I still will run a few ounces of sea foam per tank over the winter just in case. I guess it makes me feel better while they sit during freezes. For my 2 cycle equipment, I just run echo red armor oil because it already contains fuel stabilizers. The piece of equipment that sits the longest is the leaf loader and it sits un-used all summer. I just change the oil and filter once per year, and again run a few ounces of sea foam per tank. Just last week, I started my leaf loader for the first time this year since last March - first pull, it fired up. As far as my experience with batteries go: The summer heat and frequent starts kills my mower batteries. They always seem to die around July/August. For some reason though my truck batteries always go out in the dead of winter.


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Clean mowers, top off tanks and run stabil through them and try to run them once a month or so in the off season.

All trailers get their bearings pulled, inspected and repacked with fresh grease or replaced as needed.

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