End of Season CHEAPOS

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. jeffex

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    BEWARE!!! my first one struck yesterday. His wife called my wife to let us know they don't want thier leaves done this year. My wife calls me on the cell phone to give info. I ask her to call them back and ask them to forward payment for 1 cut in Nov. They say they didn't think the lawn needed cutting and they don't owe a thing. Now here is what realy happened. I was doing a leaf maintenance job early in nov. up the street from CHEAPO when he stopped by to ask me to do his leaves . I told him all the leaves won't be down until the end of nov. and that we should mulch up his leaves now so the blanket of leaves wont kill his grass. Then I will come back at the end of the month and do a final cleanup. He grumbled that the lawn didn't need cutting and I tried to explain the idea of leaf maintenance. He said ok whatever you think. We essentially ground up his leaves for the reg. mowing price of $25 . It took me 35min and I thought at least I wouldnt have such a blanket of leaves on the final. I should have seen this comming as I had to call and remind him 3 times this year to pay me. I called CHEAPO to get to the botom of this and he says we were only there 10 min. and he didn't think the lawn needed cutting anyway. I reminded him of the leaves that are now missing from his lawn and told him that its not so bad that your ripping me off its that your calling me a liar and a thief. As he began to mumble something I let him know that we were no longer his lawn service. Whew! I resisted all the @#$%% stufff I realy wanted to say to CHEAPO!
  2. PR0 TURF

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    There are plenty of other good customers out there who are willing to pay for a quality job. This is a blessing that you got rid of this customer. It's good that he stiffed you for only $25 instead of much more. You'll find someone much better to replace them. Sorry to hear about your frusturation....
  3. Tony Harrell

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    You know, if someone writes a bad check at the corner store, the owner puts it up for all the world to see. We should talk or local shop owners into putting up a bulletin board just for deadbeats and pita's.
  4. Randy Scott

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    Wow, your cheapos are only at the end of the season? Mine last ALL year!!:eek:
  5. dr grass

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    go dump some leaves back into his yard for him. better yet, spell out "CHEAPO" with the leaves in his lawn. hey i got a soulution to every problem ... it may not always be the best one though....lol

    shep :angry:
  6. jeffex

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    I decided yrs. ago to let "the man" take care of revenge!! I just toss it up to the price of doing business. There are many ways to get back at him but I get more satisifaction out of taking the high road. I did 3 large cleanups today and got tips from 2 so it all evens out in the long run. I will be letting his neighbors know the truth about why I won't be cutting his lawn next year. CHEAPO is also one of my mail customers since my ft. job is mailman. I will smile and wave just like before. He forgot he had confided in me that he was under investigation for "flipping" scams involving over appraising of homes by real estate appraisers. Thats what he does for a living and he may have lost his liscence in the state of MD. I guess the newspaper delivery service got stiffed also. He had asked me not to tell any one about his situaton an up until now I have kept a lid on it but now I don't consider him worthy of that kind of friendship benefit.
  7. Green Pastures

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    Why would you even suggest doing something like this, and I know you're going to say you were only joking, but it's STUPID to even suggest something like this even in jest.

    We already have the reputation that we are all sleazeballs and that there is very little professionalism in our ranks, saying stuff like this on a public forum where HOMEOWNERS frequently stop in and brouse, is a bit on the dim side.
  8. jeffex

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    friend of mine has a "honey dipper" business and he gets burned all the time. He talked with his competitors about starting a black list for no-pay customers but they were untrusting of working together. He says all his CHEAPOS use the excuse ," you were only here 15 min" "i'm not paying you $$$ for that". I talked with a lco the other day who used to cut a lawn we picked up last july. I have told this lady nicely to "find someone else to cut your estate" 4 tmes this year. She she had the same complaints about them also. cut too high cut too low too fast, mowers too big ,BLOW the grass that way next time etc... He said why do you put up with her. I told him what Iwas charging her!! I try and cut her lawn when she not home and told my help to pretend like you don't see her if she comes out. She'll wait until were done now and run out and offer her suggestions. I just look at her and smile and tell her to call me when she has found someone else to cut her lawn and I'll stop comming. I here she has had every service in the area and nobody else will show up.
  9. dr grass

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    greeny - come on bro, lighten up. bad day today or what? i guess i was choosen by you to take out your aggervation for the day. well, if you will kindly reread my post and note that at the very end i put "lol". this stands for "LAUGHING OUT LOUD" so OBVIOUSLY i was joking as i pointed out also with the suggestion that you DO NOT LISTEN TO MY SOLUTION!

    Another thing! if you are so cought up with what people think of our profession than i got news for ya. GET OUT OF THE BIZ! if your so embarrased of the rest of us and our "IMMATURE" ways, than why dont you open a hotdog stand or something son? quite frankly i dont give a **** what people think about me, other than MY 2 things. if you dont know what they are than read some of my old posts. i talk about them alot.

    As for homeowners browsing this site frequently... how did you some across this information? the only people i see posting on here are LCO's. you cannot tell if someone is browsing on here, anyway! unless i missed something. but think about is greeny, if people are on here, they obviously take care of their own lawn or they would not be on here
    :confused: does this make since?

    Anyway, i want some more opinions on what Green Pasture said about our profession guys!!! Let him know what you think about the lowballing image that he claims we are displaying to the community.

    shep :dizzy:
  10. HarryD

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    you say you have only been mowing for 2 seasons if you have not been burned in that time good for you but some of us get burned year after year when all we were trying to do is do a nice job .
    im not saying you should go out a round up this guys yard but it sure would make me feel alot better knowing I got the last punch in :rolleyes: instead of the nimrod that ripped me off

    I dont care how professional you try to be or look there are always gunna be people that think you are just a LAWNBOY

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