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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MudslinginFX4, Nov 28, 2004.

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    Well, the season is winding down here really fast, and we have just a couple of major cleanups left, and another week or so for the final cuts of the season. For you guys who are like me, and have a month or two of off time and don't do anything over the winter, do you send a letter out to your customers thanking them for a successfull season letting them know you are done with their property for the year etc...? This letter would really be for my customers who pay me every month 9 months out of the year or so, not my yearly contracts or my 12 month people. I'm really just looking for something to send out with Novembers bill telling them that we are done unless they call us and wan't us to come back out there for some other stuff over the winter.
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    OOPS... meant to post this in the Elements of Business Forum... can someone please move it?
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    Yes, and I should be working on it now instead of browsing around on here.
    Normal end of season procrastination for me I guess.

    However, I go down the list and pick out those I would like to send an "account specific" letter to for various reasons. Then I follow up in person or by phone shortly there after.
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    I mailed out one that stated we are winding down and will do leaf removals. After all finished I will mail another one out thanking all of them, then Christmas cards and then another in the feb telling them about any changes for the upcoming season. I had a bunch of postcards made a couple months ago. Next year all those that I do one time jobs for will get a postcard that I will hand write a small note on thanking them.
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    Hi ECM Lawn,

    Here is a quote from this post.

    "At the end of the season I send out client surveys, followed by gift cards for Blockbuster Movies or Home Depot usually in the amount of $5 to $10 dollars depending on what type of client they are. At Christmas I usually send out a small gift basket with a card.

    Like Precisioncut mentioned, anything to stand out from the competition, and most people enjoy getting something unexpected. How often have the cable guy ever given you a small token of appreciation. Never....see what i'm getting at. Just let then know your still thinking about them in the off season and then give them a call in early spring and their almost guaranteed to want you back again.

    A phone call would be better than a letter, a letter is too impersonal."
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    I usually send out a christmas card with a thank you in it for a sucessful year servicing the property. Then in Jan around the 15th I send out a small card, kind of the size of a thank you card with a buisness card staple to it thanking them again for the work and telling them that I look forward to servicing the account again in 2005. And if you are not interested in my service to call me so I can fill the spot on my schedule or if you have any questions call me or we can meet in person.
    This worked really well for me last year as I had some customers that you cant get a straight answer from till its time to cut the grass, I think it scared them and they called right away so they didnt get dropped from the route.
    The reason I wait till after the 1st of the year is so many have alot going on from Thanxgiving then Xmas and then the New year and lawn maintenece is the last thing on alot of there minds
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    Short and to the point....

    Dear Customer,

    I would like to thank you again for choosing EMC Lawns for your lawn needs. We hope you were more then satisfied with our performance. This season is at a close and this will be the last billing for the year. If you need any last minute services before winter sets in, feel free to contact us. We will be sending out a letter in March to welcome you back to the new season. Until then, we hope you and your family will have a safe and happy winter.
    Thanks again,

    hope this helps..........................sherrill
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    I usually give all of my customers a personal call up or I stop by to ask them if there is anything else.

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