Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Toy2, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Toy2

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    Does anyone have an end of the season letter? Something that tells the customer to call you when they need you....showed up at a couple of scheduled jobs today, homeowners said they would call me??? Thanks...
  2. Runner

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    How's this?!

    And now the time has come to us all...
    We've had a good spring, and summer, and fall.
    We wish you a good winter, and the pleasures it brings,
    So We'll see you soon...
    The first thing in spring! :waving:
  3. marko

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    I would try to send a letter saying you will be servicing their lawn next year, expected start date is ????, looking forward to continue bringing you top of the line service. Don't ever ASK if you can continue the service. You accepted them as clients, so they are yours until you/they end the relationship. Dont give them the impression you will be asking if you can take care of their needs next year.
  4. befnme

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    i usually just tell them i will see them nxt year around the middle of march or so . then i always send out xmas cards with the company logo on them just to keep me fresh in their mind thru the winter months . the xmas card works well especially with commercials that you are trying to land for next season .around here bids are taken in jan and feb so a mid season reminder of who i am may give me the extra edge come bid time .
  5. Toy2

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    Thanks everyone for all the info....I guess i can pull a BobbyG and tell them to suck a$$ till next year...if they come back fine, if not f%$# them!!!!

    No, better not do that!!!:D

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