'Endless Summer Hydrangea' question

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by truenorthlandscaping, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Hey guys - We got a good deal on a bunch of LARGE 1 Gal. E.S. Hydrangeas last fall. I've overwintered them & would like to repot them as 2 Gals. for this spring for sale & use in our own jobs. We've got potentially another month of freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw weather around here, but enough warm, 35-45 degree days happening that I'd like to repot them now. Any tricks, ideas, things I should look out for w/these little beauties? They're a HOT item around here, & that's why I bought them in late fall (2 good of a deal, couldn't refuse). I know Hydrangeas can be a tricky critter & I want to do whatever I need to do in terms of cutting back, heeling in, whatever to ensure they're healthy & looking good come mid April/May. Appreciate your input, as this entire site has been a wealth of info. to me already this winter.
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    2 gallon is too small. They will root bound and blow over constantly.

    Move them to a squat 3 or 5 gallon.

    The water use will be huge as soon as they start breaking out.

    I'm a longtime promix with bark proponent. Don't use a straight soilless mix...need to have the pine fines in it for the drainage.

    Light on the fert.

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