Endo Roots


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Fort Wayne, IN
I think I have a few years ago. I put it down when starting a 13000 lawn with all blue grass. Seed germinated much faster than normal. But it was warm and I had irrigation. Ideal time of year, etc. I also put regular starter down.

It has a smell to it and it is pricey. Would use it again if I had a site with the budget.


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For the money, compost would be your strongest ally, esp. into the long term.

There is no discussion with the endo-salesmen about the type of management practices that go with raising endo-type critters.

P suppresses endo-activity, yet they put it in the mix. Red flag on that idea... AM fungi are naturally occuring all over the world and will be in your turf as soon as you stop killing them... Waste of money for perennial plants IMO... :)

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
We've used it for sod installs and had excellent results.