Energy in America: New Liquid Fuel Faster, More Efficient -- and Greener, Too

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by sedge, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Way kool........ Posted by FOX no less.....

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    I've been following that Joule company for a while.. I'm thinking it's a scam. They get donations through high power... well I'll call them lobbyists. They actually hired Bill Clinton as one of their board members. Last I read they only have 6 patents with over 70 pending, a lot of time to get more funding. They were getting like 35 million a year.

    Either way I can't see oil interests NOT buying this up and making it disappear if it isn't complete bs to start out with.

    Oh, one downside, they need an unlimited supply of Carbon dioxide, they say they can get this from coal fired plants. So you have to pollute the world to make green gas, lol.
  3. sedge

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    Possible of course.

    On the CO2 thing, pretty sure the greenies say we are spewing way to much, so that shouldn't be a problem anywhere.
  4. GreenT

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    Impressive. They've only been around since 07 and Fox has now discover them.... :)

    John Podesta got on the board in January... a sure sign it is a scam.

  5. AI Inc

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    So whatever happened to the bloom box?
  6. poolboy

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    All that hype died a quick death, but a quick Google search shows that AT&T has recently struck a deal with them.
  7. GreenT

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    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy Corporation adds another customer looking for a more cleaner way to power their data centers after NTT America, the United States division of Japanese telecom giant NTT, said it has installed five of their fuel cells in its facilities in San Jose, California.

    Nine-year-old Bloom sells an industrial-sized fuel cell called Bloom Energy Server or Bloom box that uses oxygen and fuel to create electricity with minimal or no emissions.


    Five units installed in NTT America have a total capacity of 500 kilowatts, which is the equivalent power for about 500 houses or five large office buildings. Each Bloom fuel cell costs around $700,000 to $800,000.


    Bloom Energy is fresh off a similar deal with AT&T, its first with a telecommunications company. The Bloom box will also power data centers within 11 sites in California.

    The systems will generate 7.5 MW, of power equal to around 75 bloom boxes, and be fuelled by natural gas rather than biogas. The installation will begin later this year and will be fully operational by mid-2012 in 11 facilities.

    The project will generate 62 million kWh and help AT&T avoid approximately 250 million pounds (0.11 MT) of carbon dioxide emissions.

    So far Bloom has done much of its business within California, because California offers fuel cell installers significant subsidies.

    Fuel cells are included in their Renewable Portfolio Standard and adoption can be subsidized by California under the Self Generation Incentive Programme.
    Companies with facilities in California like Google, Ebay, and Coca-Cola have taken advantage of the state subsidies to deploy Bloom’s boxes. The internet giant was the company’s first customer in July 2008, and has installed fuel cell units generating 400 kW to power a building on Google’s main campus.

    Coca-Cola also used bloom boxes to improve the energy efficiency of its plants, vehicle fleet, and cold drink equipments. The company installed 500 kW worth of units at its Odwalla plant in Dinuba, California, providing 30 percent of the plant’s power needs while reducing its carbon footprint by 35 percent.

    Bloom Energy traces its roots to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mars space program, after Dr. KR Sridhar, chief executive of Bloom Energy, and his partners thought of finding a way to reverse a process for producing oxygen.

    The company’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, representing the firm’s first clean tech investment, as well as Morgan Stanley, NEA, and Northgate Capital.

    In January, Bloom Energy said it has 20 MW equal to 200 bloom boxes providing electricity to current customers including Staples Inc. and Walmart and new customers California Institute of Technology, Kaiser Permanente, and Becton, Dickinson and Company.​

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    Dude, my wife sneezes diamonds and my children poop gold, granted we never
    did get the dog to piss dollars like we wanted but we're still set for life!

    Although I do admit the petrol crapping bacteria story was surrounded by a far better shroud of pseudo-scientific garbage that
    gave it an air of authenticity whereas my story you just know it's BS, but in the end what's the difference?

    Did I mention I am with the guys who think it's a scam?
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