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Engaging blades shuts off engine

South Florida Lawns

LawnSite Platinum Member
I just went to use my stander and as I engaged the blades the engine shut off. It's not bogging out but rather like the key is being shut off. I think it may be a fuse or something. Any suggestions? I'll have to dig out the electrical schematics and my multimeter when I get to the shop tonight and trace down what it is.

DT Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Grand Rapids, MI
Might be just a bad connection or maybe the switch is bad but it's more
than likely something to do with the Operator Presence Safety Switch.
Agreed. Check the connections on your presence switches.

Try flipping the choke on before you engage the blade, that should pretty much eliminate power failure.


LawnSite Senior Member
Greenville, NC
Be sure the engine is running on both cylinders as well before checking what the guys above have recommended.