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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Javelin14, Aug 12, 2001.

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    Just installed an Enginaire cannister air filter system on our Woods 5182 with a Kohler Magnum 18. Have not been able to find a Donalson for the Magnum series anywhere but saw this company in a MO Green Insustry Directory. The company is based in WI and Bill Decker there is very helpful. The air filter is a cannister type and came with hoses, a turbine precleaner, and a Dust Load Indicator that tells me when to service the filter. It all cost a bit over $100 and I am happy with the unit. He also directed me to the correct Kohler part number for the remote air filter elbow ($30). The Kohler folks told me that clean air is vital for the life of their engines. We looked at a lot of nice mowers at the Lawn Expo using cannister filters manufacturers so I figured this was a good way to go. They can be found at www.enginaire.com. This is a good choice for anyone wanting to upgrade to a cannister type air filter and turbine precleaner.
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    I just looked at their website and I agree that all mowers need better air filters. When I was at the Expo In Louisville I also noticed all Exmarks with Kohlers had Donaldson style filters on them. After talking to them they told me it would be standard on 2002 models. In our service dept we already have been selling these filter kits to any customer that didn't keep their filters clean. It's had to believe the difference these style filters make but they work. I suggest if you don't have one go and get one. Better air filter = cleaner air going into your engine = longer engine life = more money in your pocket. Tony
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    I checked out their web site and they have one for the 23 hp kawasaki. I am very interested in this as leaf season is comming up quick. I have a lazer with the ultra vac and last season the dust from opening the collection bin really gets in the filter and around engine when emptying it. This should help keep the engine running at peak!!!!!!!!!!:D
  4. EJK2352

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    Checked out site. Nice set-up for Kawasaki V-twins & single cylinder Kohlers.:) ED
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    What a great post. This is the type of information I like and need.
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    This is a very good post, LS has moved more towards entertainment here lately.
    I was just thinking about a way to set up a filter system like this and a bypass oil filter on my TORO.;)

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