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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swonkeg, May 27, 2002.

  1. After reading a bunch of threads about aftermarket air filters I purchased a enginaire filter for my scag w/b with 12. 5 kohler. I changed over last weekend and ran all this last week with the new setup. Old filter setup had to be cleaned everyday. The new filter setup after one week(20 res. yards, dusty and DRY) the pre-filter has a little dirt but is still looks like it came out of the bag, paper filter is still clean as can be. Engine seems to run better and have more power. The folks at enginaire were also prompt to answer questions or return phone calls:cool: Overall I think I made a wise investment.
  2. Since most of the MFG's don't know what the application is going to be for the engines they produce, they don't offer these extra and better air filters for their products.

    Kohler and Exmark have realised that it is much more benifitial and less costly for warrenty repairs to add the Nelson/Kohler air filter to all their riders and hydro walk behinds right off the bat.

    Of course I have been modifying and adding Donaldson or Nelson filters long before they were offered as a aftermarket add on kit to my engines.

    Dixie Chopper knew long ago that theses extended the engine life of the kohlers they installed on their mowers.

    Before I added filters like these to my mowers, we were cleaning the pre-cleaners atleast once a day, new filter eliment weekly, and oil every 2-3 days or so.

    Now we get atl east 100 hours to an oil change and yearly filter eliment change on ZTR's and every 2 years or so on Walk behinds.

    Talk about a maintenance time and expence reduction!!!!

    I recomend adding these filters to all mower engines and other if you can get one to fit.
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    sounds like good stuff that these ppl make
    now where can we get them phone #, website.
    thanks all
    cut more grass
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    thanks odino i will have to take a look at this
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    If you got the extreme duty filtration system make sure you do not have the ribbed hose. I had the ribbed hose and it changed the airflow to my engine. It caused major problems. Enginaire can send you another hose and adapter to correct the problem. I have a 25hp kohler. My friend had the exact same problem.
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    "thanks odino"

    I can't picture Odin as a Scotsman turned Italian.

    Sorry, it just made me laugh.
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    O well guy my wife is italian ,sicilian to be exact:D
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    My first Walker didn't have one. It was common knowledge that the engine would be toast at 900 to 1200 hours. With the Donaldson engine air they can be expected to last 3000 or more.
    I can see a huge difference in the air filters too, how little dirt they get on them. This was a great idea. The air gets filtered 3 times before it gets to the motor.
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    I love my enginaire prefilter I got for my 19 Kawi.....works great! Saves a lot o' time!

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