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  1. Brieldo

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    In talking with Jack, he recommended I throw an Engineaire precleaner on my new eXmark. Do you guys have any feedback on this idea? Have any of you used it?

  2. CHAN

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    have the precleaner on my 27 kaw on the scag tt and it keeps the filter a lot cleaner than before. wouldnt be with out one.
  3. EJK2352

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    I have the Enginaire precleaner on my Lazer HP. I have the canister filter and put it on in place of the intake cover that comes with the canister. I pulled the filter out last week and it still looks like a new one, after a whole mowing season. I feel they are worth every penny. :) ;) :) ED
  4. edward hedrick

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    I havea enginaire precleaner on my Scag STHM w 22 Koh.

    great investment. Saves time and money keeeps element cleaner. Ed
  5. MOW ED

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    Bought one for the Toro WB last year and wonder why I didn't earlier. It is a great piece of preventative maintenance!

    lawnequip 011.jpg
  6. MOW ED

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  7. Blade O Grass

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    About how much would one for a Kawasaki 23 HP cost? Where do you get them?
  8. Fareway Lawncare

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    Mo Ed, I bought 2 of the same units for my 15hp Kohlers & took them off soon after. Dirt was getting past the gasket somehow & into the throat...the filter & pre-filter was spotless but there was a fine layer of dirt in the throat. I got replacement gaskets but the problem persisted so I threw them out. Have you inspected the throat & if so did you notice any dirt stuck to the sides? Also if you take off the bottom plate do you see allot of dirt under the plate on the filter base?....I did. I will not use Enginaire again.
  9. About 80 bucks the last one i bought last year for a 23 kaw ..www.enginaire.com 800-359-1704 .
  10. 1st Class Lawns

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    Ditto Fareway Lawncare.
    The filter stays good and clean but dirt by-passes the filter.
    It was too expensive to throw away (right now) but I'm afraid to use it again.
    I will probably toss it when I am tired of seeing it on the shelf.
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