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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 44toy, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. 44toy

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    Repowering 52 bunton hydro, it currently has a 10 year old 16hp vanguard that pulled hard till year before last then started to fall off. This year reguired nearly stopping it to keep from choking it out in the wet grass, thats after i moved the fast idle up to 4000 rpms. The 16 vanguard will replace the 14 kawasaki on my backup mower.

    The question revolves around the fact that I can purchase a new kohler command off ebay for around $600-$650 shipped, And supposedly local dealers have to honor the 2 year warranty after that I will do all work reguired. This seems like a good deal since a new vanguard 18 hp is an easy grand.

    Anyone had experience with these engines "bought through ebay or the internet?" Thanks for your input.
  2. Blades of Steel

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    KAWI..... Everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just my opinion!
  3. which kohler single cyclinder 16 or a vtwin 18 or 20?
  4. 44toy

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    I have some 14 hp kawasaki engines and they seem to be in second or third place behind the 14 hp kohler command and vanguard I have. This depends on if you look at starting or power.

    My run down
    Vanguard =very easy start (pull)-good power
    Kawasaki =easy start (pull)-good power
    Kohler =harder to start (pull and electric) --best power

    Never owned a magnum kohler but heard good things. The kohlers I am looking at are 18 and 20 hp twins. sorry for not including info
  5. Richard Martin

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    44toy wrote:

    And supposedly local dealers have to honor the 2 year warranty

    That is something I wouldn't count on. Local dealers can be very territorial when it comes to doing warranty work. Your mower may be sitting around 2,3,4 weeks or more while they work on the equipment that they sold first.
  6. 44toy

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    According to the warranty card with a trimmer I bought at lowes about 5 years ago if the warranty work was not completed in 30 days I would get a new trimmer. And the dealer who did the warranty work did push it to about 28 days. Thats when I decided to have at least 2 of everything. I dont know how the warranty works on kohler but I do love the power.
  7. Albemarle Lawn

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    I bought 3 EBAY specials...brand new 27 HP Kohler commands dirt cheap...$500 each.

    They were from a guy that dismantles Craftsman lawn tractors damaged in shipment.

    I had to cut the crankshaft shorter and re-wire to fit my application, that's it.

    We have the single cylinder command on a walk-behind, good motor.

    I say go for the EBAY option. Go to EBAY http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.d...0&userid=sel_lo&sort=4&rows=200&since=-1&rd=1

    Seller: sel-lo. His name is Rod Wilson. Tell him Ken from VA sent you. He may have what you need.

    I wouldn't sweat the warranty you probably won't need it, besides, you're paying 1/3 cost of new


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