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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by edge3502, Apr 3, 2003.

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    I have finally decided to purchase an exmark 36 metro for cutting my 3/4plus acre lawn.My local dealer is haveing sale on this mower with the kohler engine .Iwanted to know if it is worth it to upgrade to the kawai engine.Reliability, easy starting and maintnence are my main concerns.also are the ecs controls worth the extra price,how difficult are these machines to control?Thank you for you for your experienced advice.
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    Thanks or the post. First we need to determine if we're comparing the 15's or the 12.5 and the 13.

    The 15 Kohler is super reliable, however it doesn't start as easy as the Kawi v-twin, doesn't have the power and torque and isn't nearly as quiet.

    The Kohler and Kawi single cylinder 13 and 12.5 are also super reliable, tough but don't have the power of the 15's.

    The ECS controls on the other hand are awesome and worth every penny and then some. Also keep in mind if the engine you prefer doesn't have the ECS controls there is a conversion kit available for around $350.

    I hope this helps



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