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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tonyr, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Tonyr

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    I am soon upgrading from my front mount toro to a midmount machine, I at this time am going with a Hustler Super Z, the choices of engines on a 60" deck are as follows, please can you give me the pros and cons on them from your experience?

    27 hp Kawasaki l/c gas
    27 hp Kohler a/c gas
    27 hp Kohler EFI a/c gas

    Thanks in advance,

    Lastly, anyone know why Ferris didn't ever design bolt in baffles for their IS 3000 Extreme so it could mulch like most it's competitors?

  2. lawnman_scott

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    EFI will eliminate you fixing anything simple yourself, because nothing will be simple. I prefer l/c, but a/c is cheaper.
  3. gene gls

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    Kohler EFI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. pinnacle

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    Yep EFI are more trouble than there worth from what I hear.

    How long will it take to see dollars saved with EFI??

    A bloody long time mate!!

    I think there are just too many things to go wrong on the EFI models and repair costs would be higher too.

    This coming from a man that has no experiance with EFI but I have heard alot of horror storys.

    I would go the Kawi LC Gas no second thoughts.
    the LC will help the engine breath and we both know how important that is here.

    Who is distibuting Hustler near you??
    Did you notice if they had an ATZ ??
  5. Tonyr

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    Thanks Scott, so from these choices you would go with the l/c Kawasaki 27 hp?

    Do EFI engines have more power than a non EFI engine of the same size?

    Or is EFI only a way of getting better fuel ecconomy?

    And, the Kohler vs. Kawasaki....which engine if any produces more usable power with both being the same hp.?

    Is one make clearly more reliable, or both the same?

    I'm trying to get feedback on what you guys have found to be the best choice of this selection...

    27 hp Kawasaki l/c gas
    27 hp Kohler a/c gas
    27 hp Kohler EFI a/c gas


  6. Tonyr

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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks mate!

    Yeah I read the horror story recently about the EFI Kolker 26 hp that Exmark runs...wasn't sure if it was a crap engine make/model or EFI's in general on little mower engines.

    Hustler is distrubted in OZ by

    Chris Adams
    Dealer Manager
    Hewlett Equipment
    07 3277 3233
    0409 721 498

    Chris himself came all the way to Hervey Bay, very professional.
    He leaves to go to the USA on Wednesday for 3 weeks.
    I am hoping to put my order in as soon as he gets back, just have to decide which engine!

    I know EFI's have been dodgy to many, so has the Kaw. carbies....and some say liquid cooling systems are a problem, lines bursting etc...I was hoping to get a supior engine to the plain ol' 27 hp kohler....hmmmm, getting nowhere fast with this one:)

    The ATZ, I think Chris will get them if he hasn't already as he wanted me to test one.

    A diesel Super Z is coming out next year.

    Alex, mate, you gotta test the Super Z, n-i-c-e....

  7. bayfish

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    Go with the air cooled, less potential for problems, will do just as good of a job.
  8. pinnacle

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    Thanks for the Info Tony!

    All the way to Hervey Bay!!!!!!.......Mate........ that is profesional

    I can't make an Important decision to save my life mate so I sorta know how ya fell.
    I'm sure their all good engines....but the best............duno??
    What ever you decide I wish you all the best with it and hope your new machine is very profitable for you.

    HUSTLER........Very Nice.:)

    I would love a demo but nobody distributes them down here.
    TORO are real big here..............I run Great Danes though.

    Good luck with it matey!!
  9. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Alex, mate just had a thought, not havn' many today :)
    Contact Chris the distributer, I would be surprised if there are no dealers down south, there is in Vic., so I thought nsw would be a sure bet, anyway, Chris I'm sure would make a demo happen for ya, the bloke is very helpful and straight and very obliging.

    I just checked his email from last month, the kawasaki engine is next year, so is the big diesel.

    Choices are now just Kohler 27 hp a/c and Kohler EFI 27hp, so that narrows it down a bit....love to see that diesel all set up, typical me, my timing is crap, gota wait another 6 months!

    Gota go...Toro troubles.

  10. pinnacle

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    Tony.........Just spoke to Chris from Hewlett Equipment and he seems like a nice bloke.

    He said he is going to arrange a demo next time he is down my way in a couple of months and told me the ATZ will be out around Xmas...............so you'll have to keep me updated on the Super Z
    mate..............the ATZ might just be my next purchase.
    Thanks Tony!!


    PS I seen what looked like a 100 series Cruiser pulling ya rig off in the distance on your web site....................am I right??
    If so..........YOU LUCKY BASTERD ...........you must be killing the competition up there??

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