engine covers


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jacksonville fl
search for this but could not find. I was curious what do you guys use if you do use to cover the engines on the mowers, trimmers, hedgers, etc. to protect it from the rain when you are traveling about. Thanks


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Pace Fla.
w.e. chapps covers are very well made and work great. Have one for a Honda 21" & 36" Exmark wb. I have Trimmer Trap covers for stick edger, & trimmers, they also work great. chapps also has some very good strap pads for backpack blowers.


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Flint, Michigan
20 years....nothing. The thing to keep in mind with covers, is that inevidibally, moisture is going to get in, and with covers, it holds it in.


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New Brighton, MN
I could see tarping the trailer in the yard, but why bother with the time covering and uncovering while out. If the equipment is commercial grade a little rain ain't gonna hurt it.


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Southern Utah
I only leave my equipment out at night once a week and I am making some covers for my trimmers, mowers, and blowers out of tarp fabric with draw strings. Just to keep the heavy amounts of dirt and sand out of them.

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