Engine cranks sometimes, usually not--suspect ignition

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jbeall, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I've got a Power House Prowler TF224 (same as a Boxer TF224--both are manufactured by Mertz) mini-skid. It's got a Honda GX670 engine on it.

    I'm having electrical issues and am hoping to get a little direction on where to start. When you turn the ignition key, most of the time you just hear a click, the transmission cooler fan comes on, but the engine doesn't crank. But if you keep trying, eventually the engine will crank. It's like the ignition key has to be in the exact perfect position in order for the starter motor to fire.

    My initial suspicion is the ignition, especially because it was replaced with a generic ignition that doesn't really fit on the unit. He wound up breaking the plastic housing where the ignition is supposed to sit. But he made it fit :)

    I would like to try replacing it with the right ignition, but I'm not sure how to find what the "right" ignition is. I can't find a parts manual, or even an owner's manual, for this unit anywhere.

    Any suggestions on where to go at this point?


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    This problem has been beat to death several times on this site. If you do a little searching you may find something that will guide you through the process.

    For parts/manual your best bet is the 800 number at the link.

  3. jbeall

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    I spent several hours searching and haven't found anything. If I had found something, I wouldn't have needed to post this question.

    Since you seem to know where I would find something that would "guide [me] through the process" of addressing this issue, I would be grateful if you provide a link...

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  5. jbeall

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    Hi All,

    I thought I'd give everyone a quick update--after replacing the ignition switch with the correct one from the manufacturer, the starter cranks right up.

    So that issue is taken care of. There are other engine issues I need to look into next... It loses power when it goes under load. I suspect a governor issue but will do some more checking and see what I come up with.

    Thanks to everyone for you input and suggestions!


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