Engine power loss - 16 hp Kohler


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Fruita, colorado
I have a 16hp Kohler on my Walker. It is three seasons old. Less than 1200 hours. Earlier this year the engine would stall first thing in the morning when I flipped the blade switch. I could choke it and then the engine would keep going and the blades would go. Now, it still tries to die when the blades first are turned on, but it also starts to die as soon as you begin to move forward. Seems like it takes 5 or 10 minutes to "warm up" Is this a sign that the engine is on its way out? I have changed air filters and
inline fuel filters but nothing helps. The weakness problem seems to be getting worse. It also feels that it just isn't running as strong or as fast as it used to. HELP! :)

John DiMartino

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You didnt say how many hrs were on it,or if it was a hydro or belt drive.If a hydro-this time of year-it takes more power to run the hydro system until it warms up, I notice this especially with my greensmowers,Steiner and with the Dixie a little.Is your 16hp a mag or command?I have a 16hp mag and the carb is very finiky until its warm,it hicups and lean misfires if you try to rush off without a few minutes warm up.While looking into the carb adjudtments,also check the intake for air leaks,and clean or replace the spark plug if you havent done it in a while.It is unlikely,but you could be getting carbon buildup around the exhaust valves,my Onans do that,and if I dont run a fuel additive like seafoam-I will need to remove both manifolds and scrape the carbon from the back side of the valves.This shouldnt be the problem-but its possible-especially if you have the mag 16 which runs very hot around the valves,like the Onan does.