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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tallcoopscoach, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Which engines can I put into a Toro ZMASTER Z252L 62" Commercial Zero Turn Mower Model #74212? Is there only the one? I know it had a 26hp liquid cooled kawasaki, but I'm wondering if others can be put into it and which? Also, where would a find a good used one? ARe there sights with used ones that are reliable...? I can't find any on ebay yet.
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    If your gonna be using it daily, I personally would not trust a used engine. You should be able to slap a regualar 23-25hp kawasaki on it but it's going to require some mods to your wiring harness, or your going to need a standard air cooled engine harness (about $65-$90) from your dealer.
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    After looking up your model number that unit was only made in 99 and 2000 and came with a 22 hp FD661D engine. The service manual list this engine at 20 hp @ 3600 rpm. Possibly someone replaced the engine at some point ?

    So, A 23 hp or up air cooled would be a up-grade on this unit.

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