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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by matth, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. matth

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    :confused: how many of you use robin/subaru engines, they look good as far as features go but are they reliable and durable?

  2. Richard Martin

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    To me it's not an issue of reliability but more an issue of where do I get parts if the dealer who sold me the engine stops selling them or goes out of business. It's the same problem Honda has. I'll stick with the Kohlers and Kawasakis. You can get parts for them on every street corner.
  3. husqvarna600c

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    i have a husqvarna 600c with a robin on it i love it it has been extremly reliable and robin's service has been great too! you can call robin america at 1-630-350-8200 and talk to tech's,engine designers,and engine testers.i can tell you that the engine parts are heavy duty like the air filter is metal and paper and does not flex when tightened down ,the gas tank has a filler screen to catch foreign particles,the oil dip stick is metal too,the pull rope seems to be thicker than most and it has a fuel shut off under the tank.i guess the only complaint i could have is that the oil stays clean and clear even under harsh conditions and when first changed its really hard to see on the dip stick!snapper also has a few models running this engine so you could buy your air filters and oil filters from them if you need to.:dizzy:

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