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this is for my dad. He has an old scab turf tiger. Has about 1500 hours on it. Anyways I use it to take care of his and his neighbors property. And that’s all it’s used for. The last time I was using it it was running rough and bogging down with normal growth. I was concerned so I put it back up and used mine small wright to finish.
Came back next day, noted oil on floor. Neither of us have done any major small engine repairs but know our way around cars and motors. (Not sure how similar due to never having worked on one)

so my question is what is the most common things to look for regarding oil leak and when would it make sense to replace the engine. (Forgive me if that’s a stupid question just lack of experience at the moment.) and if we need to replace the engine what would be the best option. It has Koehler in it right now not sure of the exact specs.


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Have a leakdown test/compression test to see what condition the rings are in, also a valve check. Any oil leaks, especially around the heads, sump area will need to be addressed looked at. Of coarse this is above basic maintenance of oil, air/fuel filter....................but you do need to know what condition the motor is in...


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That’s a lot of hours and I’d be wary of putting much money into it. If other components are needing replaced as well, you might consider just getting a new or newer mower.


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The most likely source of an oil leak from a Turf Tiger has nothing to do with the engine. Rather it is most likely in the hydraulic system. At 1500 hours it is likely that seals on the wheel motors are leaking. It is not a terribly difficult nor expensive job to replace the wheel motor seals, however one must be extremely careful to keep dirt, debris, and grit of any type from getting in the system. At 1500 hours it may be worth thinking about replacing wheel motors rather than replacing seals. If the hydraulic hoses have never been replaced, they are a potential source of leakage.

So while it is possible that the oil is from the engine, the first thing to do is to narrow down the actual source. Where, exactly, is the oil appearing? Can you see any sign of leakage on hoses, wheel motors, pumps, or engine?

Which engine does this TT have? While 1500 hours is getting up there, it may still have years of service to offer for the limited work you have asked of it.

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