Engine Replacement?

The crank seals in one of my Toro 4.5 hp suzukis are shot.
Right now these machines don't see much use but I have plans for them in the future.

I was thinking of just R & R the engine with a new 5hp 2 cycle Tecumseh. The engine is $180 with freight included.

Then over the winter I was going to buy a shop manual for that engine (suzuki)and install new crank seals and piston rings.

Now I will have a spare engine on the shelf for future usage.


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South West PA
I did the crank seal repair job on a LawnBoy this year. It was a relativly easy repair, and the parts were inexpensive.

I did pull the piston out, planning on a new set of rings, but decided against it. That 5 year old engine looked like new inside.

Runs great after all is said and done.


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Larry, What "plans" do you have for your Toro? Let me guess, some sort of remote contol mower? :D