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Engine RPM's


LawnSite Member
Goreville, IL
I purchased a Kohler "Tiny Tach" this past weekend to use on my Toro Z Master 257. I was wondering what kind of RPM's everyone else is pushing with their engines? I have a 27 Hp Kohler engine that has the engine NO LOAD RPM tolerance of 3,750 (+,-) 50 RPM's. My buddy is running his Dixie Chopper engine at 4,000 RPM's! Is this to hard for the engine??? Thanks!

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
All Dixie Chopper engines are supposed to run 3750 or less but no less than 3600 with the blades engaged. Check with you mower's manufacturer for the correct rpm.

One of the disadvantages to over revving an engine is gas consumption goes way up.