Engine Size for Exmark TTHP 48"


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Coventry, CT
I am buying an Exmark Turf Tracer HP with 48" deck. I want to mulch with it most of the time. I can get it with a 15 or 17 hp engine. I save $300 by getting the 15 hp engine, but I am concerned this is too small. Does anyone use a 48" Exmark with a 15 hp engine? How does it do for mulching? Thanks again for all of the help.


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<p>Spend the money for the extra power, especially since you are mulching. The hydro pumps alone eat up a horse and a half.<p>If anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong, nuts, or want to see you fail.

River Hill

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I would buy the 17HP. This is what I have on<br>my TTHP 48&quot;. Take my advice and buy the biggest engine available. I do the same thing with my bass boats. You can never have too much power, but what happens when you don't have enough?


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remember--captain kirk was constantly yelling at mr. scott for more power!<p>GEO