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Engine Size?

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I am planning on buying a Scag Turf Tiger Mower. I am undecided however on what engine size to get.

My options are:

23 hp. Kawasaki Liquid Cooled

27 hp. Kohler Command

Which engine will be better? Tell me what you think. Also I still havent totally made up my mind on the deck size. I was looking to get the 52" deck b/c I cut a lot of residential properties. But will I regret it if I go bigger and get the 61"? What should I do?
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I have a Turf Tiger with 27hp lc Kw . with less than 225 hours and i have replaced the hydo belts 3 times 2 times at my cost and labor charge so run to your ExMark dealer as fast as you can.
Is your mower not still under warranty at only 225 hours?
I have a 52" Turf Tiger with over 600 hours on it with a 22hp liquid cooled Kawi that has been flawless. My dealer sold me on the liquid cooled over the kohler because the liquid cooled engines last much longer when properly maintained.
If that Kawi 23 is a V-twin, that may be your better option because it will have raw torque to make it about as strong a perhaps a 24 or 25 Kohler (that's not a book figure, just an opinion). I have a 25hp Kawi V-twin with a 60", mulch kit and haven't found any turf, no matter how thick (not referring to how tall - I run a mower, not a Bush-Hog), wet, etc. that it won't chomp through. I may be a little biased in favor of Kawasaki because I am a big fan of their engines for ease of starting and durability. My Kawi atv starts within 3 seconds in temps at 50 degrees up without the choke no matter how long it has been sitting and my Kawi dirtbike will start on the 2nd kick(or 1st if its hot) no matter how long it sits too. And have experienced and heard nothing but good on the commercial V-twins (and the Kawasaki Prarie 650 Vtwin atv - although I don't own one of these). I'm sure the Kohler is good too - just make sure it doesn't add too much weight for the extra hp, the mower itself weighs enuff.
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Originally posted by Dylan54321
Is your mower not still under warranty at only 225 hours?
Yes but the dealer says it's my fault because i use it on steep hills. So i told him you just said that my turf tiger is not as good as my Ex Mark because with 1500 hours on it doing the same hills and never had to replace a belt on my Ex Mark. he had nothing to say after i told him that. My Exmark is 60" 23 hp Kw lazer Z
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